Making Headway and Hiring!!

Just a little update.. The fantastic crew of 8:18 Construction is making huge leaps and bounds with our build out! Ready for the paint (Oh boyyyy) this week and starting to lay down our amazing beach wood flooring! Wait until you guys see the floor actually wrap up the side of the wall onto the ceiling.. Did we mention this is about to be amazing?!? lol

And also…..

Garnish is Hiring!

With our latest news we are actively seeking out talented and creative stylists to become a part of Garnish Studio and Extension Bar. Just like we take time to find the perfect look for each of our clients – we are seeking out the perfect stylist as well. If you know of a highly creative stylist that is looking to expand their personal career and push their creativity to new heights, let us know!

You can learn more here.

We have a special gift for any of our valued clients that help us find the next new Garnish stylist. Stay tuned for more details.


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