NOvarian – Ovarian Cancer Awareness

Join the Fight against Ovarian Cancer

September is here, and the fight against Cancer continues! One day while finishing up one of our favorite client’s hair, we started talking about how pivotal the month of September is for her and her family. It inspired us here at Garnish to help in bringing awareness to the fight against Ovarian Cancer. Join us in our fight by booking an appointment for a NOvarian Donation here, and we will install a signature teal green hair strand to show your support. All proceeds will be donated to the cause!
Check out her touching story below…

My name is Jaimi Smith and Ovarian cancer forever changed my life the day it killed my mom. She was too young to die, but ovarian cancer didn’t care. Unfortunately, the symptoms are silent. Most people attribute the signs to common stomach problems and back pain. There is no early detection tests and most people will not be diagnosed until stage 3 or 4. My mom was one of them. She fought a long hard fight, but finally at the age of 58 after fighting for 2 years, her body just couldn’t fight anymore. As a young woman who didn’t have her mom there to watch her get married, have her first baby, this disease is SO important to me. I miss my mom terribly every day and we need more research done and hopefully eventually there will be a way for early detection or God-willing, a cure.

Please pay attention to your body and not ignore this silent killer. Pay attention for you. For your family. For your friends.


Thank you for helping us fight this horrible disease.

Feel free to share with your friends and family, the more awareness the better!

Until next time,



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