Summer Sun Care for Hair

Summer Sun Care for Hair

Sunny days are here again!

The inviting rays of the sun are drawing us back to the outdoors! Whether you are planning on spending some quality time lying by the pool, going on a hike, golfing, boating, or building sand castles on the beach, most likely you’re already prepared to protect your skin with your favorite sunscreen. But what about your hair? The sun can wreak havoc on your hair – so protecting your hair from the sun is essential if you want to avoid damaging your luscious locks.

Hair Damage Caused by the Sun:
When your hair is exposed to the sun’s ultra-violet rays it damages your hair from its cuticle to its inner core. Sun damage can result in frizzy, weak, dry, and brittle hair. It also makes your hair more susceptible to split ends, so it’s important to protect your hair. The sun’s UV light breaks down hair pigment and cause it to lose protein, fade the color of your hair causing it to turn “brassy.” Natural hair, colored hair and hair extensions are all equally susceptible to summer time damage!

Your Complete Summer Sun Care for Hair Solution: SU Suncare System for Hair and Body by Davines:
The good news is Garnish Studio has the solution to keeping your hair protected and healthy this summer. Recently, the Davines hair care product line launched its Su Suncare System for Hair. The new suncare line is specifically designed to protect your hair during summertime activities, by moisturizing, protecting and repairing parched hair. The line consists of a shampoo, conditioner, moisturizing mask, moisturizing cream, moisturizing gel, moisturizing oil, and hair and body shampoo. Not only do these product protect your hair from sun damage, but also from sea water and chlorine!

Davines Shampoo Su/Shampoo Renewing Protective After Sun Shampoo
This rich formulation restores hydration and softness to the hair. It carries out an immediate restructuring action and eliminates residues of salt and chlorine, restoring sun-damaged hair to its optimal condition. Both hair and color are protected, avoiding dehydration and sun damage. It leaves the hair soft and silky, giving it shine and making it easier to comb. Perfect for all type of hair exposed to sun, chlorine and sea salt that need deep hydration.

Davines Su Conditioner Moisturizing Softening Leave In Mist
The fantastic mist conditioner provides moisture to hair damaged by sun, chlorine, and seawater. The special formulation is rich in anti-oxidant and protective agents providing smoothness to your hair, and preventing further damage by UV rays. It also reduces the static effect on hair and improves combing; leaving your hair soft and shiny.

Davines Davines Su Wash Replenishing Hair & Body After Sun Wash
This all-in-one delicate wash is ideal for maintaining the health and integrity of both your hair and your body. This wash guarantees moisture and protection to your hair from dehydration and damage caused by the sun. Used as a body wash, it helps to cleanse and moisturize your skin, prolonging the life of your tan.

Davines Su Pak Nourishing Replenishing Mask
This deep conditioning treatment is perfect for damaged summertime hair. It increases softness, adds moisture, and shine even to the driest and dullest of hair. Ideal for sun damaged hair that needs to be deeply hydrated and nourished.

Davines Su Protective Moisturizing Sun Crème
This is a great hair protectant. Just work a small amount of crème between your hands and apply it all over dry hair, particularly on the ends before sun exposure. It’s rich anti-oxidants and protective films work as a shield to block the sun’s harmful UV rays that cause dry damaged hair. The crème will leave your hair soft and moisturized, and also protects against salt water, and chlorine.

Davines Su Oil Sun Body & Hair Moisture Oil
This body and hair oil delivers awesome moisture for every little spot you might need it. Enriched with anti-oxidant agents and UV filters the oil nourishes for your hair, leaving it shiny and soft, while protecting your color from degradation. Spread this super moisturizing, anti-aging oil over your body to protect against dry skin to get soft supple summer skin.

A Little Note to You Hair Extension Gals
Don’t let the sun and surf destroy the investment you have made. You’ve worked hard to have the hair you have always wanted so, be sure to protect your thick and gorgeous locks with the Su Suncare line of products.

So no matter what your summer sun activities may include, be sure you are protecting your skin and your hair from all of the damaging elements. Garnish Hair Studio carries the entire Su Suncare Line. Stop by our North Raleigh salon to get your summer hair care products.

For the month of May all Su Suncare Line products are 20% off.
Don’t wait to start your summer sun care for hair protection. Stop by Garnish Hair Studio in North Raleigh and pick up your Su Suncare Line products now!


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