Thinning Hair Solution for Men

Finally a Thinning Hair Solution for Men that REALLY works!

Just in time for Father’s Day, Garnish would like to introduce Kevin Murphy’s first ever men’s line. The line consists of three key products designed as a thinning hair solution for men. The product line includes: Stimulate-Me. Wash, Stimulate-Me.Rinse, and Thick.Again.  I know what you’re thinking… there are plenty “thinning hair” product lines, so what makes this one so special?

Well, if the refreshing scent and cool tingle of the mint and black pepper doesn’t immediately win your man over, surely the fact that it is formulated to lengthen and thicken hair, prevent hair loss, and stimulate growth will.

Stimulate.Me Wash & Rinse: This antioxidant rich shampoo and conditioner can be used daily to clarify the hair, stimulate, and soothe the scalp. Active ingredients include: Camphor Crystals, Bergamot Mint, and Black Pepper.

Thick.Again: Applied to towel dried hair, Citrus Flavonoids, Ginger Root Nettle and Parsley extracts, will thicken hair and prevent breakage. This product is also rich in Oleanic acid that helps to fortify and strengthen the hair at the root to prevent thinning and hair loss.

When asked about Thick.Again, Kevin Murphy stylist and founder Kevin Murphy explained, “We took the concept of our successful Plumping line for women and created similar products, specifically formulated for men. The women’s line has been so highly demanded that we knew we had to develop something for men. Thinning hair, hair loss, and brittle, weak hair are the biggest complaints we hear from male clients. These issues are often caused by changes in dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that shrink hair follicles, resulting in abnormal hair production. Thick.Again is formulated using the same concept as Body.Mass. We looked to the success of eyelash thickening and lengthening products and brought those key attributes to hair.”

The not only is the line easy to use, Stimulate.Me provides immediate results of thicker, fuller feeling hair, and is paraben free.

Use our online booking system  to set up your next appointment with Andrayah Poncè at Garnish Hair Studio for your next cut and to try the Stimulate.Me Wash, Rise and Thick.Again products. To contact us by phone for your appointment call: 919-793-4008.


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