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Holiday Hair Trends


Holiday party hair should always exude festivity. Of course, you want to make sure you have the latest and greatest trends to be “that gal” at the party who is turning everyone’s head with your gorgeous hair! The Garnish team has put together some great ideas for you, whether you are looking for a new color, style or complete hair transformation, we have got you covered on what’s trending for holiday hair.

Dark Hair: Brunette shades are warming up, and we see more “chocolatey” tones. But both brunettes and ladies with jet black hair are opting to add subtle highlights to their hair too. Take a look at our Brunette Pinterest and our Jet Black Pinterest Boards for more ideas.

brunette hair colors

Blondes: Many blondes are opting for darker blonde roots, closer to their natural color. Platinum blonde is still very cool and sultry too! See more on our Blondes Pinterest Board.

blonde hair colors

Reds: Bright copper reds or deep dark auburn colors are always inspiring for the holiday season. Nothing says warmth like a beautiful shade of red. See more on our Redheads Pinterest Board.


Silvery Whites: This color is perfect for different seasons but is especially awesome for winter with its rain and snow. This is now a multi-generational color trend, so embrace your gray ladies! Check Out Our Silver + White Hair Inspiration Board on Pinterest.

Pastel, Pinks, And Lavender Hair Colors: Still all the rage, pastels can be fun for adding some funky color to your holiday season. For some, these colors can be hard to achieve and maintain, depending on your natural hair color. However, we’ve got the perfection alternative for everyone who wants to try pastel! Add in some pastel extensions! This is much less damaging to your hair and super fun! Pop Over to Our Pinterest Pastel Hair Color Board for Inspiration.

Balayage, Flamboyage, Hand Painting, And Color Melting: These color techniques are all still hot, hot, hot!  Highlighted looks work for brunettes, blondes, and red heads alike and are great because your stylist can create a unique and amazing look just for you! Pop over to our Balayage, Flamboyage Pinterest Board for more ideas.

Balayage, color melt, hand painting hair colors

What’s Next In Color: Want to be ahead of the curve going into 2016? Then check out Oil Slick color and Opal Hair colors!  Oil slick gives ladies with dark hair the opportunity to have fun with a rainbow of colors. The name Oil Slick came about because the look resembles an oil spill. For gals with much lighter hair, check out Opal hair colors. This is the latest take on rainbow hair, which includes multiple dreamy shades reminiscent of gemstones, painted throughout the head. Again, for those who want a fun look without the dye, talk to your stylist about hair extensions! Visit Our Pinterest Oil Slick Board and Our Opal Color Board for Inspiration.

Curls and Waves: The feminine, wavy mermaid hair is one of the hottest hairstyles for Winter 2016. The mermaid hair, bohemian waves for long hair with a focus on thick texture.

Ponytails: Whether they are messy or sleek, the ponytail is hot this season! Try a side pony, or a sleek and low pony.

Knots, Buns, Ties and Twists: The classic French twist has loosened up for a younger, cooler look, so you will see more fun styles embracing the messy look. Celebs are sporting messy twists, ties, knots, and buns this winter.  But if that messy updo isn’t for you – don’t fret! Try a classic, sleek bun with a braid added in.


Deep Side Parts: Short and longhair gals can all try this subtle and easy style.  The runways are filled with deep side parts, whether the hair is down or up.

Braids: If you have not noticed, braids have graced the runways a lot this season. Some of the hot braid styles are the side braids, braided headband, the braided hairline, and braided buns. Visit our Pinterest Hair 101: Styles, Tips + Tricks board for great ideas and tutorials.

Every great style requires the right product to achieve the look you want. Garnish Hair Studio has the best of the best when it comes to products. So make sure to ask your stylist about the best products to achieve the look you want.

Want to get the perfect look at home? Kevin Murphy offers kits for you to get the latest look. Screen Siren Kit, Mermaid Hair Kit, and Surfer Girl Kit. Garnish carries all three of these products. Each kit contains all the products and tools you need to achieve each look and a video tutorial.

We hope we’ve given you some great inspiration for holiday hair! So whether you need a cut, color, styling, extensions, or a full holiday transformation, Garnish has you covered. As the holiday season begins, appointments go quickly, so make sure you book your appointment before your special occasion!

Happy Holidays from the entire Garnish Team!


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