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Product Highlight – Davines’ Naturaltech Hair Care Line of Products

Let us introduce you to Davines’ Naturaltech haircare line. Naturlatech is a complete program of innovative solutions that target hair and scalp problems while bridging sustainable beauty practices with cutting edge technology. The Garnish team loves this line for it’s ability to deliver amazing results for all hair types. Check out all of the Naturaltech product offerings below.

Replumping Shampoo: This shampoo works to boost moisture and elasticity with the help of natural active ingredients, which breathes new life into limp, flat hair.

Replumping Conditioner: This hydrating conditioner is formulated to detangle strands while it works to boost moisture, protect hair, and provide better elasticity and volume.

Replumping Hair Filler Superactive: This professional treatment, for salon use only, uses hyaluronic acid to plump, moisturize, and strengthen strands providing a shiny, full-bodied effect.

Energizing Shampoo: This luxurious shampoo gently cleanses the hair and stimulates the scalp helping to rid the hair of toxins. The fragrant essential oils also give it a wonderful scent and a feeling of energy and vitality.

Energizing Gel: In the case of seasonal hair loss, the Energizing Gel acts as a preventive treatment slowing down the hair loss process by stimulating the metabolism, giving strength and body to fine or stressed hair. Applied to the scalp and hair regrowth, it invigorates hair creating an additional light styling effect.

Energizing Lotion: This treatment is for fragile scalps and for hair that is prone to falling out. It works to stimulate the skin’s microcirculation and improve scalp elasticity contrasting hair loss. Its formula is particularly recommended for hair loss due to stress and seasonal factors, but also as a preventive treatment in susceptible people.

Energizing Superactive: The perfect treatment for scalp and fragile hair, prone to falling out. Energizing Superactive combats hormone-related hair loss, androgenetic alopecia and the hyper-production of sebum. Hair grows healthier and stronger; the scalp has more tone and lower sebum production.

Nourishing Shampoo: With its creamy texture, Nourishing Shampoo works to revitalize and fortify the scalp. This is a perfect shampoo for anyone with dry or brittle hair. Hair grows healthier stronger, and the scalp has more tone and lower sebum production.

Hair Building Pak: Restructures and nourishes the hair shaft leaving the hair soft, shiny and full-bodied.

Royal Jelly Superactive: The perfect treatment for dry/brittle hair and stressed scalps. Royal Jelly provides essential mineral salts, amino acids, and important vitamins (B12, B6, B1, E, C) that penetrate deep into the hair and skin to nourish and reinforce the hair structure from within, making it healthy and resistant.

Calming Shampoo: Gently cleansing the hair, soothes and calms sensitive and sensitized scalp.

Detoxifying Scrub Shampoo: This shampoo combines delicate surfactants of natural origin with scrub particles for a gentle, yet deep cleansing of the scalp, and a protective action against free radicals. It is intended for an in-depth cleansing of the scalp, in the case of asphyctic scalps (non-rosy appearance) and tempory and light exfoliation.

Award Winning Wellbeing Shampoo: The mixture of gentle surfactants makes it ideal for all hair types. Hair looks soft and silky, and the scalp invigorated. Winner of InSyle’s 2014 Best Beauty Buys.

Award Winning Wellbeing Conditioner: Designed to untangle and moisturize hair creating a soft and silky look while invigorating the scalp. Winner of InSyle’s 2014 Best Beauty Buys.

Wellbeing Destress Lotion: Its velvety texture ensures fast, easy absorption. The formula is enriched with UV filters that protect hair from damage caused by sun exposure. Hair looks soft and silky, and the skin nourished.

Garnish also offers in-salon NaturalTech specialty treatments! So consult with your stylist to determine which is the best solution for your hair needs.

  • Energizing Treatment – for hormonal hair loss
  • Energizing Treatment – for seasonal, stress and medically related hair loss
  • Nourishing Treatment – for extremely dry, damaged hair
  • Nourishing Treatment – for dry scalp and hair
  • Purifying Treatment – for all hair types
  • Rebalancing Treatment – for oily scalp
  • Detoxifying Treatment – for hair stressed by environmental factors
  • Calming Treatment – for sensitive scalp
  • Well-Being Treatment – massage for everybody

And don’t forget – Garnish Hair Studio carries the full line of Davines’ Naturaltech products. Ask your stylist which products are ideal for you!


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