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Kevin Murphy presents Smooth.Again

Calling All Curly, Wavy and Textured Hair Ladies!

Kevin.Murphy presents Smooth.Again, their newest magical duo, and we are OBSESSED. As a group of mostly curly, wavy, textured hair ladies this newest duo is LIFE for our hair. Kevin.Murphy’s best-selling Smooth.Again Leave-in treatment was begging for a sibling, and the Smooth.Again Wash & Rinse set is the perfect additions to the Smooth.Again family. Let’s introduce you to this fantastic trio. Also, don’t forget to check out our Keratin Gallery Keratin Treatment Gallery to see Kevin Murphy’s Smooth. Again in action!


Kevin Murphy’s Smooth.Again.Wash is going to be your new best friend.

Calling all m’ladies and gentlemen with coarse, thick, unruly hair. Smooth.Again.Wash is going to be your new best friend. As the name suggests, Smooth.Again soothes and strengthens to promote smoothness in the hair. It has Monoi Oil which actually rebuilds the hair from the inside out, sunflower seed extract as the soothing property, and Murumuru Seed Butter to even out the moisture levels in hair. (Us curlies/wavies all know how CRUCIAL moisture is for our hair).

The wash also has Olive Fruit Oil which mimics your hair’s healthy oils, and acts as a natural heat protectant. All of this joins together to strengthen the hair strands and increase shine.

Kevin Murphy presents Smooth.Again

“New” Proteins included

Kevin Murphy’s Smooth.Again.Wash’s other half, the Smooth.Again.Rinse works towards the same goal, with additional conditioning ingredients. It contains Biomimetic Keratin Protein which mimics the structure of proteins in the hair. These “new” proteins then find the spaces in hair that are lacking in natural proteins, filling those spaces to allow for smoothing and refining. Smooth.Again.Rinse also utilizes Cocoa Seed Butter as a natural layer of protection to seal raspy and split ends while reducing frizz.

The final active ingredient is Brazil Nut Oil, a multi-tasking ingredient that nourishes, moisturizes, and reconstructs hair to smooth, fight frizz, and tame curls. Smooth.Again.Rinse works best after the Smooth.Again.Wash, and when left on for at least 1-2 minutes so that it can work its way into the hair.

No More Frizz

Finally, the oh so popular original KM Smooth.Again treatment. This leave-in conditioner works to eliminate frizz in thick hair that is prone to frizzing. It is a dual-purpose product that both treats your hairs needs while providing styling benefits as well. The treatment ingredients include Cupuacu Seed Butter which boosts hydration for dry, damaged hair, Japanese Green Tea, which actually recycles collagen and elastin essential to healthy hair, while also providing necessary nutrients to the hair.

Another treatment ingredient is the Lotus Flower Extract. This works as a soothing emollient (moisturizer), while healing, regenerating, purifying, rebalancing, and refining the hair. The Lotus Flower Essential Oil also stimulates melanin, which is the natural pigment in your hair. Not only does Smooth.Again provide all of these treatment benefits, it also has styling properties as well that help to smooth the hair along with working as a heat protectant.

If you’re not yet convinced that the Kevin Murphy’s Smooth.Again fam will change your life, ask your stylist to use it at your next visit and see for yourself. Say good-bye to the frizz life and hello to silky smooth style!


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