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Balayage – Hair Color + Dimension

Balayage, Hand Painted Artistry

Most hair trends come and go or at least fade in popularity year to year, but there’s one trend that has definitely proven it is here to stay. BALAYAGE. (Bah-lay-ahj) is the hand painted technique that originated in the 70s and began its reintroduction into popularity midway through the first decade of the 2000s.

Starting to become popular with a subtle sun-kissed look, balayage has evolved into an incredibly versatile art form—a favorite of both stylists and clients alike. The customizable nature of balayage broadens its appeal making it accessible to essentially all hair types, textures, and colors. Everyone from fine-haired blondes to brunette curly girls are digging this color style.

Schedule Your Balayage Consultation

Like most art forms, balayage techniques vary by stylist. The key to achieving your ideal balayage look is finding a stylist whose style you love, and having a thorough consultation with your stylist. At Garnish we pride ourselves on our unique color consultation process that ensures our guests leave absolutely in love with their hair color. Because balayage can vary so drastically, the consultation allows you and your stylist to talk about your #hairgoals, look at photos of balayage you love, and put a game plan in place for your new look.

If you’re still unsure if balayage is the color style for you, consider the following features:

  • Balayage can be as subtle or as bold as YOU want.
  • It can be blonde, brunette, red, or a fashion color!
  • The technique is meant to be rooty and almost “grown out” so you can, in fact, grow it out for as long as you still enjoy the way it looks. (Low-maintenance ladies, I’m looking at you.)
  • Once the balayage is in place, you can change up the tone with a different glaze every 4-6 weeks. (My gals who like to change their color frequently, this is KEY for you).
  • No one else’s hair will ever look quite like yours because no two pieces of art look exactly the same. Your hair is literally a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. How COOL is that?!
  • “Trendy” can sometimes get a bad rap, but a) balayage has proven it’s more than just another hair trend, and b) who DOESN’T like to share the look of their fave celeb #haircrush?!

Check out some of our favorite balayage looks from The Garnish Team below, and even more in our Handpainted Gallery!



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