Spring is in the Hair



Spring is in the Hair: What That Means for You and Your ‘Do’

Can you feel it? Spring is in the Hair!

When we think of Spring Cleaning we often think about total overhauls. From emptying your closets to reorganizing the office; they all encompass a lot of big changes.

Although adding your hair to your Spring Cleaning list might seem strange, we think this is the perfect time for a change. After all, Spring is the season of growth and renewal.

What does Spring Cleaning mean for your hair?

Spring Cleaning for your hair can mean something a little different for everyone. You might be looking to achieve a beautiful sun-kissed balayage, or perhaps you’re in need of a deep conditioning treatment and/or glaze to restore the moisture and shine to your post-winter hair.

Maybe you’re already dreading the upcoming humidity and the frizz that comes with it, and you’re ready for your first (or next) Keratin treatment.

The first step is to figure out what your goals are. (#hairgoals form, anyone?) Once you’ve established what you hope to achieve, you can evaluate where your hair is currently.

If you’re not entirely sure what that means or how that relates to your hair goals, you can always talk to your stylist. For example, if you are currently sporting a fabulous winter weather red, and are hoping to go blonde for Spring, you may be in need of a hair plan-a series of appointments to achieve your goal hair.

Below are the most popular ways to refresh your ‘do’ for the incoming sunshine and warmth:

For my ladies who like their hair to lighten in accordance with the outside temperature:

Whether you went a little darker for the winter or you just want to be an even paler blonde, blonde is ALWAYS a journey and it may take more than one session to achieve the color you are looking for. Highlights and balayage are also more extensive services so the appointments tend to take a bit more time. Plan to call for your appointment a few weeks before you’re ready for the service. Expect that depending on your end goal, it may take more than one blonding service to achieve your ultimate #hairgoals. Prepare for #bombshell status by summertime.

For my thick and textured hair gals:

Hair that already tends toward the drier side can be even more impacted by the winter weather than other hair textures. You may feel like by the time Spring rolls around your ends are rough and you don’t even remember what silky even means in relation to your hair.

Spring is the perfect time to detox your hair—a clarifying treatment that removes any buildup from products and preps the hair into the perfect condition to receive a moisture treatment. Follow up the detox with a conditioning treatment or hair mask that is designed to replace moisture in the hair, improve elasticity, and soften the strands. (For more info on hair masks, check out our blog post on masks here.)

Another solution to hair in need of silkening or shine is to get a gloss treatment. Glosses can be used just for shine or as a toner to tint your hair. Ask your stylist for which type of gloss would be best suited for you and your hair goals.

For my in-need-of-a-total-transformation before summertime gems:

Maybe you’re ready for the big chop. Maybe you need a complete color overhaul. Perhaps you’re dying for a little more length or fullness and your hair quite literally can’t grow fast enough. Spring is the perfect time for you to start a NEW hair journey. The first step for making the big moves happen is always to come talk to your stylist and work out a plan together. It always feels better to talk it out with the person who will be enacting the change beforehand, and our stylists love to help you achieve your #hairgoals.

Extensions can be a fabulous and fun way to change up your look or even to change your color without the chemical processing involved in hair color. Candice can talk you through all of the options and what will best meet your hair needs and goals. If you’re curious as to what is possible with extensions, check out our transformation gallery here.

We often dread cleaning and organizing, but always feel amazing afterwards. Spring is calling for you to feel amazing about your hair, too. Schedule your consult, set up your hair plan, and prepare yourself to feel (even more) FABULOUS by the time you’re poolside in the sunshine.


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