Pink Gloves: The Fight Against Breast Cancer Continues…

Pretty soon the entire world will turn pink, and everyone will be talking about Breast Cancer Awareness. As important as simple awareness may be, the reason October was designated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month is so much more than just for brands everywhere to explode with pink merchandise. It’s about more than just “Saving the Tatas.”

It’s about the women who have fought the disease and won, and it’s about the women who have fought the disease and lost. It’s about our mothers, sisters, friends, neighbors, and loved ones—the actual humans experiencing the daily struggle of living with and defeating breast cancer, and the beautiful women who are no longer with us because of this disease.

Awareness is not just about knowing that the disease exists, it’s about understanding the signs and symptoms, the importance of regular screenings, and how you can support someone you know affected by Breast Cancer.

Each year, Garnish supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month through donations. This year we are proud to be sponsoring a survivor who is part of our family, Annette Hammond, Jenell Gilyard, our Graphic Designer’s Aunt. Aunt Annette created a non-profit called Blanketing Families, Inc., and we are so happy we will be able to support Aunt Annette and Blanketing Families, Inc. Blanketing Families Inc. came to be because of a very special blanket gifted to Annette during her chemo therapy. She realized how close she felt to family and friends who couldn’t be there through the sentiment of the custom blanket she received. When she beat Breast Cancer and AML, she knew she had to provide that same feeling of warmth and love to others, so she started Blanketing Families, Inc.

For each $25 donation, we give you a free pink hair extension. Our hope is for our extensions to provide a conversation starter that leads more women to understanding the importance of early detection, along with providing an avenue to raise monetary support for research.

Because we believe that awareness really means knowledge, we will be sharing Breast Cancer Awareness facts on our Instagram and Facebook throughout the month of October. We invite our friends to share these images as well—the spread of information is the real reason behind the spread of pink, after all, isn’t it?

We also invite you into the studio, whether you are a current guest or not, to receive your pink hair extension in exchange for your donation to Blanketing Families Inc.

We would love to team up with other women in our mission to share knowledge and support for those fighting and those who have fought.



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