2018 Hair Trends

New Year, New 2018 Hair Trends!

The Garnish gang got together and talked about what we thought would be the upcoming #hairtrends in 2018 and here’s what we’re prettyyy sure you’re going to see a lot of in the upcoming year.

1. Lived in Top Knots

hair trends 2018
Did you catch our blog post on lived-in hair and why it’s one of our favorite hair trends? The lived-in look is not going anywhere, and top knots have officially joined braids and waves as an acceptable messy look. Top knots are super easy and cute while still being functional, so of course, we love them.

2. Rich Colors with Subtle Dimension

2018 hair trends
Highlighted hair and Dimensional hair CAN look very different, and we think subtle dimension is about to be all the rage. No more super light ‘lights… We’re anticipating that rich chocolates and beautiful auburns are going to take over the haircolor scene in 2018.

3. Middle Parts with Tousled Texture

Not everyone can pull off a middle part, and not everyone wants to, but for those that can and do… 2018 is going to be all about ‘em. Particularly when paired with tousled texture that makes the middle part look so effortless and amazing. We know it feels like late 90’s hair is back, and maybe it is.. There’s nothing wrong with a good throwback trend!

4. Haircuts that are Get-Up-&-Go

2018 hair trends
A great haircut cannot be understated, and going along with the lived-in hair look, we are loving the haircuts that are so perfect for your hair texture and style that you can just get up and do the quickest styling sesh ever (optional) and then run out the door. When the cute cut IS the style… you’re definitely winning the hair game.

5. A Focus on Healthy Hair

2018 hair trends
Over the past few months we’ve noticed a trend that we foresee continuing all the way through 2018. Women are ready to really focus on restoring the health of their hair if it’s been damaged, or to maintain their healthy hair. Healthy hair means committing to a healthy color process (even if that means it takes 6 months to go blonde), and using quality products (that won’t buildup or damage your hair further).

Healthy hair means more gorgeous, shiny, amazing hair in 2018!

Which trend are you most looking forward to in 2018?


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