Behind The Scenes: The Garnish Hair Academy

Welcome to The Garnish Hair Academy

You all already know our Studio Apprentice, Reece, but we thought you might be interested in what exactly our Apprentice Program is, why Candice decided to create it, and how it positively impacts the Garnish Experience.

The Garnish Hair Academy

Throughout the Salon industry it’s fairly common practice for newly licensed cosmetologists to complete an apprenticeship program of some kind. These programs often range in content and duration, and as you can imagine, how much the new stylist learns has a lot to do with the stylist training them.

Having been in the industry for almost 15 years, Candice has worked with a lot of different stylists, and particularly throughout the three years at Garnish has really fallen in love with building up and growing the stylists in her team. This passion led her to decide it was time to create an apprenticeship program within Garnish.

The Garnish Hair Academy

The program consists of a series of classes taught by Candice and our Senior Director, Christine, covering everything from different color techniques, various extension methods, and even how to take beautiful photos of hair (for the social media age in which we live.) You could think of an apprenticeship program like “grad school” for stylists. It allows them to really specialize their skills and learn under the guidance of a seasoned and successful stylist.

The program begins with shadowing, transitions into weekly classes, and concludes with a hands-on portion in which the apprentice(s) begins taking clients of their own. This creates a unique environment in the salon that makes a part of every day about education and growth.

The Garnish Hair Academy

As a studio who already focuses on education and growth, having an apprentice in the studio fits into our culture perfectly. It will also allow us to offer a “New Talent” level stylist, providing more flexibility and options for clients scheduling their visits with us.

When you come into the studio, you may see our apprentices shadowing your stylist, assisting with shampoos, treatments, and blow outs, and helping out with styling and “after” photo taking. By allowing the apprentices to be an integral part of your services, it provides the best possible hands-on education to foster their growth and skills.

The Garnish Hair Academy

We love being a part of growing a new generation of stylists, and hope that you enjoy your salon visits as we integrate the apprentices into the Garnish Experience.


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