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The International Beauty Show

Last week the Garnish Gang took on the Big Apple, spending three days attending the International Beauty Show. During that time we took classes, watched live cut and color demonstrations, and of course enjoyed some amazing food.

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Each year the entire Garnish team attends some form of education together not only because of our commitment to continuing education, but because we believe in building our team as well. We wanted to share with you our favorite moments and learning experiences from our NYC adventure…



Favorite Moment: The Garnish team building. We were able to travel as a group and still break off and do our own thing while coming together to share our experiences throughout the entire trip.

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Best Learning Experience: The creative inspiration… Being completely obsessed and passionate about your industry. Being able to see people so on fire about what they are giving back inside of the beauty industry is so inspiring.


Favorite Moment: Walking into an art gallery and realizing it was a dope back room club, and meeting III (3) Education and educator Aaron Johnson backstage.

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Best Learning Experience: Put yourself out there and make a good impression to the people you look up to – you never know what opportunities will come. Also, I gotta mean power walk and a strong sense of direction


Favorite Moment: Watching Sophie cut hair better than the men she shared the stage with. I appreciated the fact that the hair show was truly about hair, products and show casing techniques that you may have forgotten you knew or that you could take home to learn.


Best Learning Experience: Some things were ah-ha moments and some things were, “I forgot all about that technique.” Always refreshing to have an inspirational refresher.


Favorite Moment: Getting my hair cut on stage.


Best Learning Experience: Disconnected layers for more fullness in the fringe area.


Favorite Moment: I enjoyed spending time with the team and traveling with everyone.


Best Learning Experience: It was reassuring knowing that on the business side of things we are operating and setup for success. We are organized, structured, have policies and procedures, culture etc.


Favorite Moment: The NY Bagel Shop with a line out the door that still got you in and out in under ten minutes with the most amazing bagels ever… and watching rainbow vivids (haircolor) being painted on stage.


Best Learning Experience: The Communication class that I took with Kari that talked about being able to find a connection with each person you encounter no matter their age, background, etc.


Favorite Moment: First walking into the show and knowing this was going to be epic.


Best Learning Experience: Inspiration can come from so many different places and people and you never know from where or who. Stay open to that and embrace it. 💗


Favorite Moment: Being able to walk the city with my Framily and being able to explore and enjoy the culture and atmosphere around me. There was never a dull moment!


Best Learning Experience: It’s not about being better, but being different. Your value is where you are right now. Push everyday to make yourself better with self confidence, while inspiring those around you to do the same. It’s all about the chemistry, passion and energy you put out. With that said, the most important job we have is to continuously grow our people.