Garnish believes in Healthy Hair Education

With our recent New York trip we’ve been talking a lot about education, so we wanted to bring you all into the behind-the-scenes so-to-speak of our education structure within Garnish. We place such a huge emphasis on investing in continuing education because we believe it’s the only way to stay at the forefront of the industry. Remaining up-to-date on innovations and trends allows us to best serve our guests.

Because we hold education in such high regard we’ve created a schedule of education along with providing an avenue for stylists to choose their own classes throughout the year. Our structure includes three main avenues for supporting the continued growth of our stylists.

First, did you know that each time you purchase a retail product from your stylist, a percentage of your sale goes directly into a fund for your stylist’s education? Their “Education Fund” can be used to attend classes and conferences, and otherwise support your stylist in growing their craft.

Because continuing education is a way for the stylist to improve their skills, learn new industry techniques, and better support whomever sits in their chair, choosing to purchase your hair care through your stylist actually ends up benefitting both you AND your stylist. They receive more education, you have amazing products that will help you reach your hair goals, and in turn they are better able to serve you and your hair. It’s the best kind of win-win scenario.
Next, we have a calendar of in-salon trainings that alternate between business/mindset classes and techical skills training.

Our business courses have covered everything from learning to navigate the “internal voice” that discourages you from achieving your goals, to money mindset and management, to providing increased value for our guests. Our technical skills courses cover new coloring techniques, extension training, and more. We set aside time each month to improve every aspect of our business to ensure we are consistently providing the highest quality of service and value to everyone who walks in the door of Garnish.

Finally, each year we plan a studio trip that all of our stylists decide upon together. You may have seen that we were recently in New York City, which was our 2018 trip of the year. Traveling together as a team means we all receive the same training, but we get to share our different perspectives which leads to even more growth. It also provides an opportunity for team building and bonding, which we consider vital to maintaining a healthy salon culture.

When we work well together as a team, we can provide the best possible environment for our guests.

Our stylists each attend trainings throughout the year (utilizing their education fund) on topics that they want to learn more about, improve upon, or are especially interested in. We wanted to shine some light onto each of their classes from the past few months to let you in on where they’ve been choosing to focus their learning and growth. Over the next several weeks we will be spotlighting each of our stylists… stay tuned to read all about their educational adventures!


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