Transformation a la Garnish

What Exactly IS a Transformation a la Garnish?

Here at Garnish we love a good transformation. So much so that we decided to actually specialize in creating hair transformations. A lot can go into a hair transformation, whether it’s a color correction, extensions, or both, so we’ve poured a lot of energy into becoming highly educated on these services. For us, a Transformation a la Garnish means investing in yourself and your hair knowing that you are choosing to achieve your hair dreams (or at least take a big step towards them). It means not just looking amazing in the end, but feeling amazing as well. A Transformation a la Garnish is a confidence-boost, a dose of self-love, and a way for you to LOVE how you look.

Our transformations come in a few different varieties, so we wanted to take a moment to talk a little bit about what YOUR Transformation a la Garnish could look like. Everyone comes to us with a different hair history and we take that heavily into account when creating your custom hair plan. Where your hair has been and what it has gone through is extremely important in maintaining the health and integrity of your hair during a transformational service. If your goal is to completely change your color, we call this a “Corrective Color.”

This is pretty much always a multi-step process, and sometimes even requires multiple visits. Corrective Color appointments can take up to several hours and almost always include an Olaplex or Conditioning treatment. This is because our number one priority is the health of your hair and we take great care to maintain that throughout the corrective service. Corrective Color can mean going darker, going lighter, or completely changing the tone of your hair (think warm to cool). We have studied Color Theory extensively, along with understanding the science behind the various products that we use (such as color, lightener, etc) to ensure we are able to create the best possible experience for your color transformation.

Sometimes our transformations are about extensions rather than color. If you love your color, but you’ve experienced hair loss, hair that won’t grow, or even just hair that doesn’t look or style the way that you want it to, hair extensions could be the solution. Our owner, Candice, has spent over a decade learning the ins and outs of a variety of different methods to be able to provide a wide array of solutions for different hair needs.

For our extension transformations, we place an emphasis on first ensuring that the method is a good fit not only for your hair needs, but for your lifestyle as well, along with creating a perfect match between the extensions and your natural hair. This perfect match or “blend” is created through color, texture, length, and placement of the extensions. Therefore our Extension Transformation a la Garnish means a seamless blend where you could never guess that the person is wearing extensions at all.

Most often, a Transformation a la Garnish means both of these things. Before we ever apply extensions, we ensure that you are in love with your color. Sometimes it’s as simple as a partial highlight for some additional brightness, but sometimes a Corrective Color is needed prior to your extension appointment. When this is the case, we typically schedule your color service a couple of weeks prior to your extension application to allow us to color match your new color prior to ordering your custom set of extensions. These are our “2-part” Transformation a la Garnish services.

When it comes to creating a look you will love and investing in the health of your hair, we don’t believe in taking any shortcuts or cutting any corners. This means that we will always be honest about what steps will need to be taken to achieve your goals, and if your hair goals are possible based on your current hair situation. We have spent years developing our skills in Corrective Coloring and Extensions in order to be able to create the Transformation a la Garnish Experience. To learn more about our experience you can visit our instagram, facebook, or


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