The Secret Life of Keratin

So you’ve heard of medication being prescribed “off-label” right?

Well, we’re about to let you in on our secret “off-label” Keratin treatment magic. If you know about Keratin treatments, you likely know that they are a Smoothing treatment that relaxes curl patterns, improves manageability of your hair, and are mostly used by women with curly, wavy, or thick hair.

All true, and it does work wonders in all of those regards. The lesser known reality of Keratin treatments is how they can affect the texture of your hair even if you don’t have curl or wave. AND how they can make your extensions blend even more beautifully.

Let’s talk a little more about Keratin treatments and what they do. Keratin is a protein that your body naturally produces and is found in your hair. Over time your body naturally loses some of its keratin leaving “gaps” in the internal structure of your hair. A keratin treatment goes in and finds those gaps and repairs them, which leads to smoother, stronger hair. Keratin treatments also speed up the drying time of your hair, and make it easier to blow dry smooth. So how does this help someone who doesn’t have curly or wavy hair?

There’s another category of hair that we’ve encountered over and over, which is fine or thin hair that “fluffs.” When your hair is prone to getting fluffy or frizzy, especially in the humidity of North Carolina, a Keratin treatment can be your hair’s best friend. When it comes to wearing hair extensions, if your hair is straight the extension hair is called “Silky Straight” and stays fairly smooth even over time.

If your hair naturally frizzes or fluffs, it can make it more challenging to keep your hair perfectly blended with your silky straight extensions. A keratin treatment is the perfect solution.

In addition to creating the most beautiful blend, keratin treatments make it so much easeir to style your hair with extensions. As you might imagine (or have experienced) once you receive extensions you have signicantly more hair than you are used to drying and styling. A keratin treatment can ease that transition by making it smoother and quicker to blowdry.

Overall, keratin treatments are an amazing solution to many different hair problems. And if you always thought keratins weren’t for you, but you relate to your hair fluffing or frizzing, talk to your stylist!

Or if you wear hair extensions and are interested in a smoother blowout, a keratin treatment might be your answer. No matter what, Spring has arrived, and the NC humidity is coming soon.

It’s officially Keratin Season!


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