Garnish Fun Fact: Did you know…

We have a Research and Development team here at Garnish?

This self-appointed position is held by our finance guru, Sahar. Before she ever worked with Garnish in her financial expertise, Sahar was a client who was super passionate about her hair, hair health, and the beauty industry in general. Even though her technical capacity is finance and operations, she is our number one resource for new trends, new products, and innovations within the haircare side of the industry.

Sahar brought us Virtue hair care after testing it out on her own hair along with doing tons of research on the brand. She has tested out color brands, haircare products, and her newest project: silk pillowcases. By providing us with research and information, Sahar has helped us bring you all the best of the best to keep your hair in its highest possible condition.

We wanted to shine a spotlight on Sahar’s contribution because we appreciate her SO much and she is the perfect reminder of why we all got into the hair industry to begin with.

Hair Extensions

Her passion for hair, particularly her own, has kept our team fueled to continue seeking out the industry’s latest innovations, newest techniques, and to never stop learning and growing. We love having Sahar as our Research and Development “department” and we consider ourselves lucky to have such a talented and passionate person on our team.


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