Summer Hair Extensions Survival Guide ☀️

Alright, Mermaids, listen up!

Just because you now look like a beautiful mermaid with your long luscious hair doesn’t mean you can ACT like a mermaid and spend your days bathing in the sun and water. As the weather warms up and the beach becomes more enticing, we wanted to bring you some quick tips for caring for your hair extensions throughout the summer months.

The sun, chlorine, ocean, and more can impact the health, feel, and color of your hair during the summer. We’ve collected our best tips and tricks to preserve the quality of your hair extensions throughout the summer, and maintain the health of your hair.

Just as sunlight can lighten your natural hair, exposure to sunlight can alter the color of your hair extensions. Use a leave-in with UV protectant to protect your hair from the effects of sun exposure. We also suggest investing in a cute summer hat to keep the sun away as much as possible.

If you go to the pool or beach, the first option is pinning your hair up in a top-knot and not allowing it to get wet. If you love to go swimming, completely saturate your hair with shower/tap water and apply a leave-in conditioner before getting into the pool, ocean, or lake.

Not only does this protect your hair from absorbing the water, but it also helps prevent tangling and matting that can occur more easily when exposed to chlorinated or salt waters. After swimming, wash your hair thoroughly with a color-safe clarifying shampoo, then reapply your leave-in conditioner. Take time to comb out completely to ensure no tangles or matting.

This might seem unusual, but certain extension hair can actually change color when touched by sunscreen. Particularly blonde hair, which can turn a peach color. Whenever applying sunscreen, tie your hair up and take care to not allow it to touch the sunscreen.

While hottubs/jacuzzis can be used year-round, we thought we’d include them on this list as they often come along with summer vacays. Whenever using a hottub or jacuzzi, always have your hair pinned up or braided to prevent tangling. Prolonged exposure to humidity can shorten the life of your hair extensions.

Overall, summer life does not tend to lend itself particularly well to hair extensions, which have the ability to tangle more easily than natural hair and require a little extra TLC when exposed to the summertime elements.

To protect your beauty investment, we recommend following these tips and tricks, continuing to use high-quality hair products, and taking the time to completely brush out your extensions twice a day. This will ensure that you avoid tangles which can turn into mats, and can subsequently shorten the life of your extensions. If you need more guidance on caring for your hair extensions during the summertime, give us a call and we’ll talk you through it!


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