Crown + NBR Hair Extensions: A Match Made in Heaven 😍

Mixing two different extension methods is not unheard of, but it’s also not super common.

Most of the time an artist is looking for one solution to apply to someone’s hair needs. While this might work in the majority of cases, there are just some hair situations that go beyond one method being the perfect fit. Candice has specialized in Crown Extensions for years, and when she learned Natural Beaded Rows a couple of years ago, she realized that an opportunity existed to combine the two in order to provide options for women who were not a candidate for just one method or the other.

Crown NBR Hair Extensions

This combination has become a favorite extension cocktail in our studio because the Crown Hair Extension provides coverage on top where NBR can’t reach, and the NBR provides length and volume support that the Crown cannot accommodate. For women in need of both coverage on top and who are seeking length and volume, utilizing both methods together allows us to offer a solution that would not otherwise be possible. Women experiencing loss or thinning around the crown, top, or front of the head would not typically be able to wear NBR because the coverage on top is needed to cover the row. Adding the Crown Extension allows the guest to wear NBR Extensions for length and volume.

Another aspect to this combination is how incredibly customizable NBR Hair Extensions can be. For women with thinning or fragile hair, the weight of traditional beaded row extensions may be too much for their hair to handle. With NBR, the same 12 wefts that traditionally make up two rows of extensions can be split into 3 lighter rows containing just 4 wefts each. This makes the extensions healthier, lighter, and more comfortable for women with thinner hair to wear.

Crown NBR Hair Extensions

In addition to being able to provide a solution for women with thinning hair, this combination of extensions is also great for women regrowing their hair. We have been able to utilize this combination to help cancer survivors who are just looking to feel like themselves again, but whose natural hair cannot yet support traditional extensions due to length and/or strength.

If you’ve never been able to wear traditional hair extensions due to the thinness of your hair and the extensions showing through, or if you’re regrowing your hair and looking for length and volume, the Crown Extension/NBR Extensions combination might be the solution for you. We would love to be able to work with you to achieve your hair goals. Apply here to come into the studio for a consultation and find out more about this magical hair solution.


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