The Garnish Experience

The Garnish Experience

In just a couple of months we will celebrate our five year anniversary. A lot has changed since the inception of Garnish Hair Studio. We grew as a salon, transitioned into our niche of hair extension transformations, and continue to evolve as the triangle’s premiere extension studio. There is one aspect of our business, however, that has never shifted—what we call The Garnish Experience.

If you’ve been into the studio, you already know what we’re talking about. That signature scent when you walk in the door, being greeted by our receptionist, and offered a beverage of your choice. The personalized care and dedication to details that each of our stylists offers when you sit in their chair. If you have not yet had the opportunity to experience this for yourself, we wanted to take a moment and give you some insight into what we believe sets us apart in terms of our experience. Beyond just the ambiance of Garnish—the plants everywhere, the clean, natural décor—there are three major aspects of the experience at Garnish that we believe make us different than your average salon.

The Team

Each one of our team members—stylists, assistants, and our receptionist—were chosen because they bring good vibes, positive energy, a commitment to excellence, and a passion for hair extensions to the studio. We LOVE to have fun; we are constantly dancing, laughing, and having a good time. It’s our belief that when you love what you do, and have fun at work, the work you do is elevated to a different level.

Our team is also all about supporting one another. We help each other out, we view each guest as a guest of Garnish, and every single stylist will be a part of your service, even if it’s just by offering a smile as you walk by. Because we share this unique mindset of treating each guest as a studio guest, we can also offer more flexibility in terms of scheduling. We welcome you to sit in any of our chairs, every stylist is willing and able to help out if you need a quick fix, and you never have to feel bad about seeing a different stylist in our space.

The Depth of Our Process

We recognize that if you’re new to the world of extensions, the Garnish Process might seem a bit extreme. Beginning with our application, continuing with our consultation, the paperwork we utilize to ensure everyone is on the same page—it could seem like a lot just for “some hair extensions.” The reality is that high quality hair extensions are an investment, and require both attention to detail and expertise from your stylist to ensure an incredible experience for you, our guests. We have spent years crafting our process to ensure the smoothest experience within our studio.

When you leave your consultation, you will have a thorough understanding of the extensions that we offer, along with the investment required in terms of both time and finance. If you have any questions, we WELCOME you to reach back out and ask us. We want you to feel informed and educated throughout the entire process, and we have implemented the steps we take to ensure this happens. In our experience, the more you understand up front, the better you will feel about the entire experience. And our goal is for you to feel AMAZING when you receive your extensions transformation.

The Expertise

Hair extensions are having a moment, and we LOVE this because they are our passion. This also means that a lot of stylists are becoming certified in various methods of extensions. This is awesome for our industry, but it also means that there’s a lot of opportunity for some less than stellar experiences with hair extensions. When we chose to specialize exclusively in hair extensions, we knew that we were diving into a niche market. We welcomed this because we understand how intricate the process of hair extensions can be. Everything from the health of your natural hair, to your hair goals, to the color blend, to the blend cut has to be considered and executed perfectly for you to truly fall in love with your hair extensions.

By choosing to specialize, we have spent countless hours training on these exact things in order to provide the highest quality extensions services. Our owner, Candice Motley, has spent nearly her entire seventeen year career learning and specializing in hair extensions. This level of experience is unparalleled in our area, and she has passed her knowledge and training along to our stylists as well. Each person who works for Garnish is passionate about hair extensions, so you know that when you sit in our chairs you will be receiving a service from someone who cares about you and each step of the process to ensure you have an amazing hair extensions experience.

In the service industry, it can be challenging to find a space where every single person who works there shares the same passion for both the service offered and the quality of experience. Here at Garnish, we take extreme pride in both aspects of our business. Not only will you walk out feeling like you can take on the world with your new amazing hair, but we will have taken care of you every step of the way so that you feel great about every aspect of your hair extensions experience. If this sounds like just what you’ve been looking for, let’s get started. Fill out an application, and find out for yourself just what the Garnish Experience is all about!


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