The #1 East Coast Hair Extensions Salon

…it all started with an affirmation.

Hair Extensions are our passion!

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a couple of things that set our team apart. Our matching handles, our signature grey photo background, and our names—#1 East Coast Hair Extensions. Back in January when we transitioned to exclusively extensions, I had the entire team change their names to reflect this title. I had been writing this down as an affirmation and mantra for probably six months prior to the transition actually happening. My goal was simple—I wanted to be the #1 person on the East Coast for hair extensions.

I keep a piece of paper in a notebook of all of my thoughts, dreams, and aspirations. I originally wrote “#1 East Coast Extension Artist,” but as my goal to create an extensions exclusive salon grew closer, I found myself crossing out my initial dream, and writing something else in its place—“#1 East Coast Extension Salon.” Transforming my entire salon into this became my new focus. It’s a big title, and I took the goal of reaching it very seriously. We weren’t there yet—despite doing a TON of hair extensions—but we were definitely moving in that direction.

As we move towards the end of our first year of having made the pivotal switch into just focusing solely and exclusively on our extension guests, the growth and changes are incredible to witness. Our reach is getting stronger and stronger and we are having more and more women finding us from out of state, and traveling to our studio. Even crossing state lines and flying in!

We are growing at such a rapid pace, and I can’t help but feel like it comes from that affirmation I began right around a year ago.

Writing it down and making sure all of my movements within Garnish were taking me towards that goal has had a powerful impact on our path. I’ve been able to keep the mindset that if something is possibly going to derail me, I don’t do it. And if it doesn’t speak to me and bring me closer to my vision, then I let it go. I’ve found that having the mindset that if it’s in alignment with what I want, it’s for me, and if it’s not, then it’s not, has really helped shape the decisions I make and how I feel about them.

Garnish is well on its way and will be the #1 East Coast Hair Extension Studio. And it all started with me affirming it.


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