The Power of Affirmations

Earlier this year, when we redesigned the Garnish Extension Studio website, we added a subtle but very important new feature—a banner along the bottom of the page that lists our monthly affirmation.

When we relaunched our newsletter, we decided to include this monthly affirmation to make sure it could be seen by as many of our guests as possible. Why was this so important to us?? Well, I guess you could say it’s because we’re BIG believers in the magic of affirmations.

If you ask Candice, Garnish came to be by her speaking it into existence through affirmations. Long before Garnish was its own space, she leaned into her affirmations that she would be a salon owner, and that she would have an extension studio. It didn’t just happen by chance. Affirmations and intentions go hand in hand!

We also believe that affirmations and the beauty industry go together equally as well. Our craft may be in beautifying your look externally, but we adamantly believe that services like hair extensions are only there to amplify what’s already on the inside. That is to say that you are worthy, you are enough, and you are perfect as you are—without ever having to get your hair done, or lashes extended, etc.

As an extension-exclusive salon, we know that it would be super easy to get wrapped up in just the look of things. And while we LOVE that our guests feel beautiful at the end of their transformations, we want to positively contribute to how they feel on the inside just as much.

We think of hair extensions as that extra something on top of an already amazing foundation. Part of our belief in affirmations and feeling worthy, is the idea of being worthy of taking care of yourself, taking time for yourself, and investing in yourself. Hair extensions falls into that category of self-investment, and it’s our view that the two feed one another.

When you love yourself, you invest in yourself, and when you invest in yourself your self-love grows. It’s part of why women experience such a glow at the end of their hair service. Part of it is looking in the mirror at their new hair, but the other part is feeling amazing for doing something they’ve wanted for so long.

When it comes to the confidence gained by wearing hair extensions, we definitely believe in their transformative power, but we also know that a look doesn’t represent a person in their entirety. That’s why we find it so important to have an affirmation based business within the beauty industry. How you look is not there to replace the worthiness that you feel. It’s always our goal to help your inner beauty reflect on the outside through having a look that makes you feel empowered to live confidently and authentically.

Here’s a few of our favorite affirmations for you to practice as often as you’d like (we recommend daily).

I love myself as I am.
I am worthy of taking care of myself.
I am worthy of abundance in my life.
I am proud of myself.


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