Happy New Year! 🍾

This year has been challenging on every front and at every turn. No one could have possibly imagined this time last year what 2020 would have in store for us. For good or for bad, we have all been changed. But, the one thing that I have heard over and over from our guests and my team is that the challenges have had an impact that sparked so much connection. We have had time to connect with the things, places, and most of all people who mean the most. We have learned that we can do SO much with so little. We made it, and that is worth celebrating. YOU my friend are worth celebrating. Thank you to each of you who helped support this little corner of Raleigh NC this year. Your scheduled appointments, your survival kit orders, your texts and calls to me and this work family, your referrals and even your comments, likes, and shares on social media have been the glue that have kept this business moving forward. We would not be here without you! Xoxo Mot

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