Garnish: First Week Update

We’re officially back and could not be more excited!

Not only did we survive the quarantine, we did so with our entire team intact. Over the past several weeks we have been prepping to reopen—acquiring all the new safety gear, setting up the salon to ensure proper distancing, and thinking through the entire experience to make sure it still felt like Garnish. With so much new we definitely had some first day back jitters, but we’re happy to say that the whole week has gone smoothly and the jitters have subsided.

You’ve heard us talk about the Garnish Experience before. We’re super proud of the experience we’ve cultivated inside our studio. When we first learned all the new safety protocols and everything that would need to change we were worried that the “feels” might not be the same.

Our goals are to make people look beautiful AND feel good, and if they felt weird coming into our space or awkward because of the new measures it would take away from the experience we’re always trying to deliver. After a week of being open we can safely say that while it does feel different, it doesn’t feel bad. It just feels like a safer new norm that reflects where we’re at right now.

We took a lot of precautions, but we also took a lot of time to put some things together to ensure the space still felt good. For example, it’s amazing to still be able to offer someone a coffee in the morning. Instead of it being served in a ceramic mug, it’s now in a to go cup with a lid and straw.

And while they may be limited to sipping their beverage during processing time when the stylist has stepped away (due to the mask being removed), it still allows us to offer the same feeling to our guests. The Garnish Experience is a look; it’s a mood; it’s a vibe; it’s a feeling. We made sure to do everything we could to keep all of that.

Throughout this entire process all of our guests have been super supportive so we want to send out a huge THANK YOU to everyone—for checking on us, for sticking with us, and even for showing up wearing your masks ready to embrace this new normal. We know it feels a little different, but if everyone does their part all of us small businesses will be able to stay open, and we appreciate you helping us keep everyone safe. We are so excited to open up our doors and get everyone’s rows back where they belong!

We wanted to leave you with one last thought. Our first day back kicked off the same way all of our Tuesdays do—with our gratitude session. This week we decided to focus on what feelings we want to attach ourselves to for this week.  It was our way of choosing a focus and setting our intention for our first week back serving our guests and working together. This helped us all so much throughout the week and we highly recommend the practice.

Check out the team’s chosen words below:

Mot Resilient af

Niko Smooth af

April Grateful af

Reece Prepared af

Susan Thankful af

Jenn Envision af

Amani Graceful af

Sahar Prepared af

Vanessa Essential af


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