When Plan B Bombs 💣

What happens when your Plan B gets completely axed?

You get up and keep going. With the recent extension of the stay at home order along with the news that we may not even be in phase one of reopening, all of our current preparations and plans came to a sudden halt.

Plan A was to never close, work through everything as best we can, make house calls as we were able, and keep servicing our guests. The stay at home order led us to Plan B, which was to take the next month, get all of our ducks in a row, make content videos, and make sure everyone knows what to do for the next 5 weeks or so. We thought, “It’s okay… it’ll be like an extended vacation.”

Anddd now we’re going into month two. We have to be real with you. When we heard about the extension our immediate feelings were frustration and anxiety surrounding the lack of control we have for something that has a direct correlation with our livelihoods, the business’s livelihood, and the way people are able to experience our services.

It’s more than disheartening, and it’s beyond scary. It’s life altering and it’s jarring. We really had our hopes up for beginning of May and we were pretty crushed to find out it would be at least another month before we could return to work.

So Plan C. Right now, we’re trying to gather our thoughts, make sure they’re productive, and make sure that we keep our team and controllables in working order. If having a positive mindset starts to go awry… we have to snap back into reality in order to keep moving forward.

The past several weeks have been about taking care of everyone virtually as best we can. Now, the focus has shifted to rescheduling, so we’re working on detailed plans for what everything will look like when we open back up. We’re also looking into how can we help those around us, what can we do to push forward through this time, and how we can still service our guests virtually.

We’re creating our official “plan of attack,” which is different than just a plan. Just a plan got us through the first month. For month two we have to get a little grittier and put things together so that our business can continue to run. Even though we’re not open servicing our guests, there’s still things that need to be taken care of that can’t be deferred. People are still placing deposits, hair still needs to be ordered, inventory needs to be tracked, freelancers are pouring into the business to provide content… it all needs to continue.

Instead of fingers crossed, they are now pointing forward getting ready to say—onward, let’s go! Let’s move through this in the most forceful, powerful, productive way we can while still maintaining integrity.

We want to make sure we can hit the ground running and do what we need to do when it’s finally time to reopen. If you have any questions or need hair extensions assistance during this time, please feel free to reach out! We’re here for you.


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