Garnish Gratitude ✨

We are so GRATEFUL for you.

Not only did you all stick by us through the mandatory government shutdown, you supported our business through product purchases, quarantine color kits, and placing deposits for your future hair extensions.

You reached out to us to check in and let us know we were missed. Your support literally kept us going through all of this and we feel so blessed.

As we were brainstorming for what we could do to give back to all of our guests, (stay tuned for that announcement in next week’s blog post), we started thinking about love languages and the different ways we each feel love and appreciation.

We believe all five of the love languages show up at Garnish in some form or another.

First up, words of affirmation.
If you’ve ever had a Garnish extension transformation you know that before you even walk out the door you are in for the hype sesh of your life. If it’s not Reece’s enthusiastic compliments, it’s going to be the first person who sees you when you leave.

It’s one of our favorite things to hear when you come back in for your first move up and tell us all about how bae is in love and everyone is telling you how good you look. Probably our favorite is when someone’s told you that “they don’t even know what changed, they just know that you look AMAZING.” As you receive these words of affirmation and then relay them back to us it’s as if we are receiving them, too!

Next is acts of service.
For us, this is all about so much more than hair. Being away from behind the chair for so many months during our Covid closure really helped us identify that. It wasn’t just that we were out of work, it’s that we were away from our passion.

We don’t just love coloring your hair or giving you extensions—we love serving you. We love all of the emotions connected to bringing you so much joy and excitement. Thanks to all of your support we were able to bounce back with purpose and continue serving each and every one of our guests.

We hope you all feel the same as we do about the next one. Every appointment for us feels like real authentic quality time. It’s like talking to a friend you haven’t seen in a couple of months.

We genuinely enjoy and look forward to our time together. We know that hair extensions can be a time commitment, and we’re honored that you choose to invest that time with us.

The next one is the most obvious… physical touch.
Our job wouldn’t exist without physical touch. Whether it’s coloring, cutting, shampooing, or adding extensions, every step of the process involves our hands. We know your favorite part is the shampoo, but our favorite part is literally crafting your dream hair for you using our own hands.

Last, but not least… The final love language is gift giving.
We love to think that we’re giving you the gift of amazing hair, more confidence, and falling in love with yourself again, but we also know some of you prefer a more tangible kind of gift…

For more on that stay tuned to next week’s blog post! We’ve decided to GIVE back to you all with a first of its kind promotion.

Are you excited yet? You should be.

And there you have it…the 5 love languages of Garnish. We appreciate all of you so much for taking the time to let us pour love into you and your hair. It is the greatest privilege to have a job that is in and of itself… a love language.


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