Guest Feature: Marsha’s Story

a thinning hair solution!

Marsha came to Garnish 3 years ago as a last ditch effort to find a solution to her thinning hair. She had tried everything from wigs, to pills to regrow her hair, to extensions that looked anything but natural. Feeling defeated, she reached out for a consultation with Mot, after seeing an Instagram post, to see if there was anything that the Garnish team could do.

Garnish Crowns Extensions for Thinning Hair

Garnish Crowns Extensions for Thinning Hair

Behind the curtain, Mot discussed all of the options to address Marsha’s thinning hair, which was especially thin on top, where regular hand tied extensions couldn’t help. At Candice’s suggestion, Marsha decided to go with a crown extension (to give her a full top of head look) in addition to two rows of NBR for fullness and volume.

The result is AMAZING and Marsha is a client for life. Why? Because our team took the time to listen and care about Marsha’s problem and make suggestions that would fit into her lifestyle.

Garnish Crowns Extensions for Thinning Hair

You can go anywhere for pretty hair, but the feeling that you get from sitting in one of the Garnish chairs, can’t be duplicated. We take the time to get to know about our clients’ lives, and routines so that the hair, color, and style we suggest not only looks amazing, but is attainable and MAINTAINABLE for each guest.

If your story sounds like Marsha’s and you are looking for a team that can help your exterior shine as brightly as your interior, schedule a consultation so we can give you the best options for your unique situation.

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