Three Must have Products you should get TODAY!

Having the right products are key to maintaining y and extending the wear time of your hair extensions. While there are TONS of great products available for you to use, we have narrowed it down to three MUST have products to always have on hand for detangling, styling and polishing. These products are always available here in the studio or to order though our Oribe website.

The Best Hair Extension Products


Detangling your hair and extensions is the first line of defense to taking care and maintaining your rows. Oribe Run Through is the perfect detangling product. Its a leave-in conditioner that makes combing through your hair virtually effortless. Make sure when you use this or any detangling product that you are sectioning off hair and combing through every single day, and a couple of times a day if you have a tangle prone texture like curls. Unaddressed tangles can not only shorten the life of your extension wefts, but can ultimately damage your own hair as well.
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The Best Hair Extension Products

styling & restyling

Proper protection from heat and external elements is key to maintaining the health of both your natural hair and extensions. We love Oribe Mystify because it is a spray on product that can be used on either wet or dry hair. You can use this as a prep on day one, freshly washed hair to blowdry and style or to restyle or freshen up your curls on the days between washes. This product dries super fast on dry hair and provides heat protection for both blow drying and heat styling with a curling or flat iron.
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The Best Hair Extension Products


Our scalps produce oils that help moisturize our natural hair, but unfortunately those essential oils don’t always make it to the ends of your hair, and rarely make it to your extensions at all. But because your extensions are human hair, they definitely need that same TLC to keep from becoming dry, brittle, and damaged. This is where Oribe Gold Lust, the ABSOLUTE must have product, comes in. This product adds amazing shine to your extension and natural hair ends where most damage lives. Gold lust adds the polish to your hair and is the perfect finishing product. But go easy with this. A little goes a long way!
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When you have amazing hair, you want to care for it with amazing products. Be sure to grab your Power Trio the next time you are in the salon for a service or anytime online!


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