Holiday Gift Guide for the 2023 holiday season, find local gifts to Raleigh, NC

Shop small for the holidays!

Welcome to our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide, where the spirit of giving meets the charm of supporting local businesses right here in Raleigh! This season, we’re thrilled to present a curated selection of heartfelt gifts and unique finds from the talented artisans and entrepreneurs in our vibrant community. In a world filled with commercial hustle and bustle, we invite you to discover the magic of shopping small and celebrating the craftsmanship and creativity of our local businesses found in our holiday gift guide. From handcrafted delights to one-of-a-kind gems, this guide is a testament to the diverse talents and passions that make Raleigh’s local scene shine. There is a gift for everyone in this guide from the minimalist to you coworker bestie. Join us in embracing the joy of gifting while making a meaningful difference in our community by supporting these cherished local businesses during this holiday season.

Gifts for your work bestie

Holiday Gift Guide gathered goods co.

gathered goods co.

Delight your work bestie with a thoughtful and elegant gift from Gathered Goods – a Hand-painted design on a glass coffee cup with a bamboo lid. This beautifully crafted cup is more than just a vessel for caffeine; it’s a work of art. The hand-painted design adds a touch of uniqueness to each cup, making it a stylish and personal accessory for your coworker’s desk.

Holiday gift guide prints by preetha

prints by preetha

Surprise your work bestie with a burst of creativity and color from Preetha Prints. Your work bestie gets to decide exactly where each sticker finds its place, adding a personal touch to their workspace or laptop. With seven unique stickers in a set, this offering from Preetha Prints is not just a great deal but an affordable way to spread joy, creativity, and a touch of whimsy in the office for under $10. 

holiday gift guide Stella cake bakery

Stella cake bakery

Indulge your work bestie’s sweet tooth with delectable treats from Stella Cake Bakery, a delightful way to add a touch of sweetness to the office atmosphere. The offerings from Stella Cake Bakery are more than just delicious confections; they’re delightful moments of bliss packaged in every bite.

Decree company holiday gift guide

Decree company

Elevate your work bestie’s everyday writing experience with an exquisite pen from Decree or consider the luxurious Montegrappa Fountain Pen. Crafted with recycled ocean plastic, this one-of-a-kind writing instrument not only boasts finely-tuned details but also carries an eco-conscious touch. 

Gifts for the boujee girl

Kiki Earrings hoiday gift guide

Kiki Earrings

Elevate the style quotient of the boujee girl in your life with the exquisite creations from Kiki Earrings. These stunning accessories are more than just earrings; they’re a statement of sophistication and luxury.

mk and co candles holiday gift guide

mk and co candles

Illuminate the world of the boujee girl with the captivating aromas of Mk Co and Candles. Gift her a sensory experience that transcends the ordinary with these luxurious, handcrafted candles. Each candle from Mk Co and Candles is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and scents that evoke indulgence and sophistication.

house plant hippie holiday gift guide

house plant hippie

Gift her a touch of nature and sophistication with a plant that not only adds life to her surroundings but also complements her refined taste. House Plant Hippie offers a curated collection of lush, stylish plants that elevate any space with their beauty and elegance.

holiday gift guide Garnish Night Night Set

Garnish Night Night Set

Give the gift of all things night time routine with a luxurious gift set box for the boujee girl from Garnish. This set includes Oribe hair care products, satin goodies and more. Send us a DM using the link below to purchase! 

Gifts for the minimalist

Lindy Stark holiday gift guide

Lindy Stark

Embrace simplicity and functionality with a minimalist approach by Lindy Stark’s tote bag. Crafted with clean lines and premium materials, this tote bag epitomizes minimalist elegance and practicality. The beauty lies in its simplicity—free from unnecessary embellishments, yet exuding sophistication in its design.

Port Raleigh holilday gift guide

Port Raleigh

Curated with a focus on simplicity and versatility, these essentials embody the essence of minimalist design. From soothing hues to clean lines, each piece exudes a sense of calm sophistication that effortlessly complements any minimalist décor.

La Maison holiday gift guide

La Maison

Elevate the essence of simplicity and refined taste with a captivating coffee table book from La Maison. Immerse yourself in the world of minimalist aesthetics and timeless beauty encapsulated within the pages of these curated volumes

Sadie gray textures holiday gift guide

Sadie gray textures

Embrace the essence of simplicity and refined aesthetics with textured art pieces by Sadie Gray Textures—an exquisite touch for any minimalist’s space. Sadie Gray Textures’ art pieces are a celebration of minimalism in texture and can be customized to fit your aesthetic and style.


Gifts for the homebody

Naked Honesy Official holiday gift guide

Naked Honesy Official

Indulge the comfort-seeking homebody in your life with athleisure from Naked Honey Official—a brand that fuses comfort and style with a contemporary edge. Elevating loungewear to a new level, Naked Honey Official’s athleisure exudes modern sophistication while embracing the essence of relaxation

Holiday Gift Guide Garnish Home essentials

Garnish Home essentials

Elevate the body care factor of a homebody’s routine with this gift set from Garnish. From body wash to lip balm Garnish has curated the perfect gift set with the best Oribe products. Send us a DM using the link below to purchase! 

ky's kandles Holiday Gift Guide

ky's kandles

Enhance the ambiance of a homebody’s serene space with the exquisite candles from Ky’s Kandles—a Raleigh-based candle brand where luxury intertwines with sustainability. Since their inception in 2017, Ky’s Kandles has been dedicated to offering luxury candles made from coconut wax, embodying both opulence and eco-consciousness.

klara & liliy's Holiday Gift guide

klara & liliy's

Elevate a homebody’s self-care regimen with the bath bars from Clara and Lily’s—an oasis of handmade, nontoxic, and natural bath products that redefine relaxation. Crafted with care, Clara and Lily’s bath bars offer an indulgent experience that soothes the senses and nourishes the skin.

Gifts for the one who has everything

the English garden holiday gift guide

the English garden

For those who seemingly have everything, the gift of a flower arrangement class by The English Garden offers a unique and enriching experience. Dive into the artistry of floral design under the guidance of seasoned professionals. The English Garden’s flower arrangement classes provide an opportunity to unlock creativity and learn the intricacies of crafting stunning floral arrangements. 

joy worthy co. holiday gift guide

joy worthy co.

Dive into a world of creativity and discovery with an art class hosted by Joy Worthy Co, specialists in igniting joy through art workshops, cooking classes, and unique creative experiences. Dive into the world of self-expression and artistic exploration guided by instructors who nurture creativity and passion.

body lase holiday gift guide

body lase

Indulge in a spa day at Body Lase—an oasis of relaxation and beauty. Offering a luxurious array of treatments including cool sculpting, facials, and an array of other med spa services.

klay station holiday gift guide

klay station

Discover the artistry of pottery and unleash creativity with a pottery making class at Klay Station—an immersive experience where clay comes to life. With the guidance of skilled instructors who share their passion for this art form. At Klay Station, the pottery making classes offer a hands-on journey and even gift your loved one with a gift card so they can plan their next class.

A gift guide for everyone

In the season of gifting, there’s a an endless amount of possibilities to delight and surprise every personality. From the comfort-seekers to the fashion-forward boujee girls, the beloved coworkers, the minimalists who cherish simplicity, and even those who seem to have it all—our curated holiday gift guide offers something special for every individual.   Regardless of the recipient, each gift in our holiday gift guide aims to capture their essence and bring a moment of happiness—a testament to the beauty of thoughtful gifting for every cherished individual in our lives.


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