When Hair Loss Gets Real

Mesh Integration: What is it?

Mesh Integration is a hair loss solution that involves the use of a finely crafted piece of mesh. This mesh acts as a new layer upon which we can add hair, blending seamlessly with your natural hair. It is tailored to cover areas of thinning or hair loss, regardless of size or location. The process begins with carefully positioning the mesh on the scalp, precisely in the areas where enhancement is needed. We then expertly attach hair to the mesh, creating a natural, full look. This method offers a unique advantage – it can be customized extensively, from covering small thinning patches to providing a solution for more significant hair loss areas. Unlike some other hair loss solutions, Mesh Integration is designed for comfort. Less tension is placed on the natural hair and scalp.

Hair Loss When Gets Real, Mesh Integration before and after

Interested in the application process?

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Are you a good candidate?

The perfect candidate for Mesh Integration is someone who experiences significant hair loss or has noticeable thinning in specific areas of the scalp. This method is beneficial for individuals who find traditional hair extensions unsuitable due to the extent or pattern of their hair loss. If you’re dealing with hair thinning that is more pronounced in certain areas, or if you have experienced hair loss due to conditions like alopecia, Mesh Integration might be the ideal solution for you. This method is designed to provide both coverage and volume precisely where it’s needed, ensuring a natural and seamless blend with your existing hair. At Garnish, we understand the unique challenges posed by severe hair loss, and Mesh Integration is our way of offering a customized, confidence-boosting solution tailored to your specific needs.

case study opportunity

We are excited to announce that Candice Motley, owner of Garnish and Extension Expert/Educator is conducting case studies on the Mesh Integration method, and we’re searching for clients who would greatly benefit from this hair loss solution. If you’re experiencing significant hair thinning or localized hair loss, this could be a unique opportunity for you. By participating, you’ll not only receive a transformative hair solution tailored to your needs but also contribute insights that help us perfect this technique. This is more than just an appointment; it’s a chance to be part of a journey in hair loss solutions, helping others who face similar challenges. If you feel that Mesh Integration might be the right solution for your hair concerns, we encourage you to reach out to us via email


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