Unlock Confidence: Tailored Hair Loss Solutions for Every Need

Hair Loss Solutions NBR at garnish


natural beaded rows

At Garnish, we specialize in hair extensions and hair loss solutions, offering a range of methods tailored to meet your individual needs. Among these methods, one of our favorites is NBR (Natural Beaded Rows), renowned for its seamless blend with your natural hair. With NBR, we can customize the color, length, volume, and texture to perfectly match your hair and lifestyle. This method’s versatility allows for various hairstyles while minimizing contact points, reducing the risk of damage to your natural hair. Ideal for adding volume and length, NBR is particularly suitable for finer hair types seeking a fuller look.


Hair Loss Solutions for hair loss on the crown

For those struggling with hair loss on the crown of their scalp, we recommend our customized crown solution. This personalized approach ensures a seamless blend with your natural hair, providing a fuller appearance without the “wiggy” or “topper” look often associated with traditional methods.

mesh integration

Hair Loss When Gets Real, Mesh Integration before and after

Excitingly, we are currently looking for Mesh Integration models. Mesh Integration is a cutting-edge solution designed for guests experiencing hair loss on any part of their scalp. Through this innovative service, we integrate mesh onto the scalp to attach extensions, offering a discreet and effective solution to hair loss concerns.

What Hair loss solution is best for you?

At Garnish, we’re committed to providing tailored solutions to enhance your natural beauty and confidence. Schedule a consultation today by filling out an application to discover the perfect solution for your hair needs.


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