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About Garnish

Charlotte’s Favorite Luxury Hair Salon + Extension Bar

About Garnish

From the moment you walk into Garnish Hair Studio & Extension Bar your senses are awakened and your experience begins! With the sweet smell of fresh herbs in the air, soft and energizing music playing in the background, plush couches for relaxing, and soft earthy décor – you know you have walked into a special place. You are welcomed by our friendly staff who are ready and waiting to make sure your entire Garnish experience unforgettable. As you sip a cup of tea, fresh coffee, or one of our magnificent wines, you and your stylist talk about your journey for transforming your hair to make you look and feel your best.

Garnish Hair Studio + Extension Bar is a luxury salon offering premium hair color, glamorous cuts and styling, as well as beautiful hair extensions. We only use the best products; from top of the line hair color, the highest quality hair extensions, to the newest styling products. We proudly offer premium hair extensions to add length and thickness, for hair that will make you feel beautiful and glamorous. Our stylists are considered the best in the business serving the Greater Triangle, Charlotte and Mecklenburg County residents. Yep, that’s right – we get clients that drive to Raleigh from Charlotte just for our amazing services! When you visit Garnish you can expect exceptional results every time. Call us today and learn more about Garnish Hair Studio + Extension Bar for yourself. We are a short drive from the Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.

At Garnish, we don’t just “do hair” we make artistic, personalized hair transformations. We go above and beyond to provide each of our clients with unparalleled service and care, making sure that your experience will excite and delight you every time you visit us.

The Garnish Mission

Garnish Hair Studio & Extension Bar is committed to transforming the lives of each of our clients through the art of hair, while providing unparalleled service and thoughtful attention to create unforgettable experiences.

The Garnish Philosophy

“Build Trust Through Care and Attention” – “We believe that the only way we can provide our clients with the best service is to view each person as a unique guest. We will care for clients and understand their wants, needs and goals by listening first, and then offering suggestions, while being supportive.

Our Promise to You

We promise to uphold the highest ethical standards, to cultivate a culture based on trust, honesty, integrity, and care for our clients, our employees and our community.

Each of our stylists are carefully chosen to make sure they fit the Garnish culture and are true creative, educated, and experienced professionals. Our staff is committed to nothing short of excellence. At Garnish, we believe that to be great stylists we should never stop learning. Each of our stylists receives vigorous, consistent, innovative, and in-depth training to stay on top of the industry’s latest techniques, products and services through their entire career with us. By investing in our stylists and helping them to grow their careers, we are able to consistently deliver the best in class services and products to our all of our clients.

About Garnish