Donyata Simpson


To call Donyata just the Extension Bar Specialist would be a vast understatement.  If a position existed titled, “Knows where everything is, keeps our paperwork in order, fills in wherever needed, keeps the salon tidy, always makes the space around her a little brighter, and ALSO specializes in Extension Assisting,” that’s what Yata would be called.

I guarantee if you come into Garnish you will meet, and get to know Donyata.  Yata has never met a stranger, thoroughly enjoys getting to know each and every Garnish guest, and is an integral part of the Garnish Experience.  Donyata is a Certified Natural Hair Care Specialist, is extremely knowledgeable about all of our product lines, along with being fabulous at shampooing (that massage, though!) and styling hair.  If you see someone small dancing through the studio—it’s definitely Donyata.