Do you offer any services besides extensions?

In August of 2018 we chose to delve deeper into our specialty of transformational hair extensions. We still offer cut, color, and texture services, but only for our extension guests. This allows us to truly be experts in creating our extension transformations.

What methods of extensions do you offer?

We offer over a dozen different methods and brands of hair extensions including Natural Beaded Rows Extensions, Fusion Extensions, Microlink Extensions, Crown Extensions, and Halo Extensions.

Our studio specializes in Natural Beaded Rows Extensions and this is our preferred method of extensions due to our extensive NBR training and the benefits this method offers our guests.

Why do you specialize in the hand-tied hair method over other methods?

Our team has invested deeply into becoming the absolute best in the industry at offering hand-tied hair extensions. Candice is one of the countries TOP educators for hand-tied extensions based on her artistry, dedication, and extensive training in the method.

With over a decade of experience working with hair extensions, Candice believes hand-tied to be the safest, most lightweight, natural-looking method of extensions on the market. To learn more about the various benefits of hand-tied extensions visit our Extension Method info page.

How much do extensions cost?

Hair extension pricing can vary quite a bit because everyone’s hair needs are different. The method of extensions, amount of hair, length of hair, and other factors can play a role in the cost of extensions. Typically, the pricing starts somewhere in the upper hundreds and can range to well into the thousands.

When pricing hair extensions, there are several factors to consider that can influence the price of extensions for your particular hair. The following things can impact your hair extensions quote:

• The length of your natural hair compared to the desired length
• Texture
• Density
• The condition of your hair
• Lifestyle / Maintenance

How soon can I get my extensions?

This answer depends on many different factors. We are typically able to schedule your consultation within 1-2 weeks after receiving your application. From there, we are most often scheduled out around 4-6 weeks. We offer a waiting list for when cancellations happen if you are hoping to come in sooner.

Do you offer textured extensions (aka curly/wavy hair extensions)?

Not only do we offer them, we specialize in them. Nearly all of our stylists have curly or wavy hair and wear extensions, and we take great pride in our ability to custom texture match your natural hair with your extension hair. Diversity is extremely important to our studio. We try to offer the most current and innovative extension methods on the market.


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