As a small studio, we place a lot of emphasis on ensuring that each member of our team fits perfectly inside of the Garnish Culture. We don’t just want you to be a great fit for us, we also want to make sure that we are a great fit for you. We work as a tight-knit team environment. This means that we help each other out, we are not “territorial” about our clients, and we ALL work hard to maintain the good vibes that Garnish is known for.

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Are you a Hair Artist who:

• Dream of elevating their craft
• Love setting and achieving goals
• Are committed to transforming lives through the art of hair
• Would love to work with a team that lifts one another up and laughs every day
• Are open to coaching and constructive feedback for the purpose of attaining goals and growth
• Are always looking to excel, and loves accountability
• Are willing to put in the hard work and stay fresh in an environment that is fast paced and constantly evolving

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Hey Hair Lover,

For this position you must have at least 1 year experience on the floor actively taking clients. Being open to coaching and constructive feedback for the purpose of attaining goals and growth is very important. A team based culture must be your jam, and always looking to excel while being held accountable would make us swoon! Calling all hard workers, who love a fast-paced and constantly evolving environment.

Garnish is opening a chair to one amazing stylist. We are committed to offering the highest level of service, working with amazing brands like Immersive, Oribe, Kevin Murphy, and Virtue and consistent industry leading education.

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repeat after me: I am worthy of the very best in life, and I now lovingly allow myself to accept it.