Creative Director + Lead Stylist | Part of our Leadership Team, Niko has been in the salon industry practically her entire life. Her mom was a hairstylist so she grew up in a salon, and knew at a very young age that this is what wanted to do. She really enjoys meeting new people, connecting, and having the opportunity to touch their lives. She loves learning from people’s stories and hearing their life experiences. Along with making people feel beautiful, and giving them the confidence that they don’t see in themselves, she loves showing them their outward beauty while reminding them of their inner beauty.

Niko is so passionate about the hair industry because it is constantly changing and evolving, and forcing her to level up and challenge herself to learn new things. The industry is constantly growing and moving forward, which reflects her mindset on life. She has been specializng in extensions for a year, and being able to provide that service has moved her in ways she didn’t expect. Niko feels blessed to be able to give women hair that they only dreamed of and never would have thought they could have. Niko says, “it’s such an amazing feeling to be able to see that look on their face like ‘holy crap this is me’.” Beyond hair, Niko loves that Garnish feels like a second home and family, and she hopes that that’s the same vibe our guests get when they walk in the door as well. She’s super grateful to be a part of the Garnish team and truly believes she is where she belongs.

Fun Fact: Niko is fluent in Greek.

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