Sahar “Numbers” Sultan

Guru of all things numbers, Sahar is Garnish’s CFO and the gem who keeps us all organized.  As one of Candice’s very first clients, Sahar has been here since the beginning of the Garnish journey.  Sahar has wanted to be an accountant since the 2nd grade, except for a brief period in high school when her hair obsession led her to consider cosmetology school.

Her dad advised her to keep on her accounting path, and several years later Garnish delivered the dream job by fusing her two interests together.  Sahar has always been known for her hair, and never lets us forget how hair obsessed she really is.

She has two little girls and as could be expected, they also LOVE getting their hair done—it definitely runs in the family.  If you see Sahar in the studio, you can assume she is keeping the inventory up to date, and altogether ensuring the studio is running smoothly.