From the moment you step inside Garnish Extension Studio your senses are awakened and your experience begins. With the sweet smell of fresh herbs in the air, soft and energizing music playing in the background, pillow-adorned couches for relaxing, and soft earthy décor – you know you have walked into somewhere special. You are welcomed by our guest service team who is ready and waiting to make sure your entire Garnish experience is unforgettable. As you sip a cup of tea, fresh coffee, or one of our magnificent wines, you and your stylist will talk about your journey for transforming your hair to make you look and feel your best.

Garnish Extension Studio is a luxury salon specializing in hair extensions and the services surrounding extensions. It is our belief that having amazing hair can change how you feel about yourself; giving you more confidence, which can lead to changes throughout your entire life. Through our commitment to only utilizing the highest quality hair extensions, hair color, and hair care products, we are able to create an incredible experience that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful. Our stylists are highly trained, with continuous education, which means that no matter whose chair you sit in at Garnish, you will be in skilled and capable hands.

An Extension Service at Garnish is truly a transformative experience. We go above and beyond to provide each of our clients with unparalleled service and care, making sure that your experience will excite and delight you every time you visit us.

the garnish mission

Garnish Hair Extension Studio is committed to transforming the lives of each of our clients and team members through the art of hair. While providing unparalleled service and thoughtful attention to detail, we are able to create unforgettable experiences.


At Garnish, we dream big! We are committed to bringing balance back into our industry by offering influential systems, innovative training, and business support to our creative professionals. We are constantly evolving to be the change we want to see inside of the beauty industry.

the garnish promise

We promise to uphold the highest ethical standards, and to cultivate a culture based on trust, honesty, integrity, and care for our clients, our employees, and our community.

the garnish code of honor

Excellence I will strive to be the best version of myself consistently, and I will focus on my growth 100% of the time.
Integrity I will do what I said even when nobody is watching. I will be on time and complete all of my work.
Trust  I will have faith and trust the process 100% of the time.
Respect  I will honor everyone’s confidentiality and contribution as valuable. I will not tolerate negativity, gossip, or any excuses from myself or others.

our team

Each of our stylists are carefully chosen to make sure they fit the Garnish culture and are true creative, educated, and experienced professionals. Our team is committed to nothing short of excellence. At Garnish, we believe that to be great stylists we should never stop learning. Each of our stylists receives vigorous, consistent, innovative, and in-depth training to stay on top of the industry’s latest techniques, products and services through their entire career with us. By investing in our stylists and helping them to grow their careers, we are able to consistently deliver the best services and products to all of our clients.

garnish vision & goals

Our passion for hair is matched only by our commitment to setting goals, and constantly striving for growth. Each of our team members takes time to set weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals that are consistently evaluated throughout the year. Setting goals is a part of our culture here at Garnish, and we believe that constantly striving to become better versions of ourselves allows us to better serve you, our guests.

In 2017, Candice created the Garnish Vision + Goals sheet. Through our own process of determining our visions and setting our goals, we have realized the incredible impact that this can have on a person’s daily life. Garnish is more than just a place to get your hair trimmed and colored. We truly believe in the transformational effect that hair can have on a person. Your hair and self-image are a vital part of living your best life. With that in mind, the Garnish Vision + Goals sheet was created. Introducing the same method we use to set our own personal goals to our guests. Click Here to Download.

Taking the time to plan out where you are going, being deliberate with your intention, and mapping out how you will get there focuses your energy to facilitate success. We genuinely hope to assist you in being your best self and living your best life.

Here’s the steps for setting up your Vision + Goals Sheet:

Create your life vision & brainstorm according to where you want to be in 1, 5, and 10 years.
Remove all limitations such as money or education.

For each category, make sure to include any and all details that you can possibly think of.

These goals are your action steps. Write them down in present tense as if they have already happened (ex: I will own my business in 2020)
Write it down, make it happen. Manifest Destiny!

If you ever need assistance with your vision and goals, or feel like you need someone to talk to about your worksheet, all of us here at Garnish are VERY familiar with this process as we have gone through it ourselves. We would love to learn about your dreams and what steps you are taking to reach them, and as always, will be of assistance in any way we can.

the garnish experience

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