While our specialty is hair extensions, we pride ourselves on being highly trained and educated on all of the services surrounding extensions as well, including on-trend color, beautiful and functional cuts, along with texture services. We do only work with guests who have extensions or are in the process of getting extensions, so the following service menu relates specifically to extension services only.

the menu

the consultation

During your extension consultation, you and your stylist will discuss your color. It’s absolutely vital that you LOVE your hair color before adding in extensions. Hair extensions are an investment, and we only want you to invest into hair that you love. If you do not love your current color, we are fully equipped to transform your color into something amazing.

the level system

Our stylists work on a level system that is based on their achievement in reaching a series of goals. The level system allows them to move forward in their career, while also providing a choice to our guests in terms of experience and price point. The pricing listed on this page will be in terms of stylist level.

cut and color services

New Talent | 45
Stylist | 60
Senior Stylist | 65
Creative Director | 80
Senior Director | 90
Owner | 200

New Talent | 85
Stylist | 100
Senior Stylist | 110
Creative Director | 130
Senior Director | 145
Owner | 250

New Talent | 65
Stylist | 75
Senior Stylist | 85
Creative Director | 90
Senior Director | 95
Owner | 175

New Talent | 125
Stylist | 145
Senior Stylist | 155
Creative Director | 175
Senior Director | 190
Owner | 325

New Talent | 150
Stylist | 175
Senior Stylist | 185
Creative Director | 205
Senior Director | 215
Owner | 375

New Talent | 165
Stylist | 195
Senior Stylist | 210
Creative Director | 230
Senior Director | 235
Owner | 450


Within our specialty of extensions, we take pride in our ability to custom match your natural hair with your extension hair. We also believe in being able to give you your dream hair, even if that means creating a different texture than your natural through a smoothing treatment, or custom perm.

Keratin Smoothing Treatment | Starts at 420
Arrojo American Wave Perm | per Consult
Japanese Straight Perm | per Consult


What makes color corrective? Typically, haircolor falls into the realm of corrective when it cannot be achieved through a single process. This means that an all over color or a highlight are not enough to reach your color goals. Corrective color can mean going darker (which often involves a “fill” of your lightened hair in order to create a foundation for the darker hair color); it can mean going lighter, or it can include creating a more dimensional look no matter what your base color may be. The process may sound complicated, but because of our passion for transformations, our studio is highly trained and educated in the methods needed to achieve healthy corrective color.

Our Corrective Color services start at $370.

Glazes | $50
Modern Glazes | $78

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