Humidity Making Your Hair Frizzy and Dry?

Is humidity making your hair frizzy & dry looking?  Hot and humid weather has been on the rise right here in Raleigh, North Carolina, and reports of unruly hair are flooding in. Thankfully, the staff at Garnish Hair Studio & Extension Bar are equipped with the tools to ward off the frizz monster that is attacking you.

If you are tired of spending way too much time drying your hair, only to have it expand like a puffer fish as soon as you step outside, a keratin treatment may be the answer to your prayers. No matter what type of curl pattern or texture you have, Garnish can rescue your disheveled locks. And unlike many other treatments, you don’t have to lose your curl pattern to enjoy the effects.

Our stylists use a premium hair taming system made by GK Hair, a brand that prides itself on being the leader in “the science of hair”. ‘They are the first (and only) company that uses the beauty benefits of Juvexin, a protein compound which is scientifically proven to protect and restore hair back to it’s youthful state. It nourishes and transforms hair in side and out to provide beautiful, smooth, healthy looking hair everyday, with less time devoted to styling and maintenance.’

So if you are ready to throw in the towel because of frizzy, unmanageable, tangled, or just plain “drab” hair, don’t give up hope! That frizz monster can be thwarted, and Garnish would be honored to fight alongside you in battle.

 -For more detailed information about the treatments we provide give us a call to book your complimentary consult at 919.308.7562


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