Olapex: The Hair Miracle

I’m almost ashamed to admit the amount of time I spend on Instagram alone, double tapping hair photos and stalking my celebrity hair idols. In fact, everyone at Garnish is such a hair nerd, we all find ourselves randomly lost on our smartphones researching the latest and greatest technology and trends in hair. About a year ago a product called Olaplex popped up on our radar. Olaplex claims that it makes hair stronger, healthier, makes color last longer, and allows your stylist to push the envelope while processing your hair (used in conjunction with common sense or course!). It is described as a conditioning agent that can be added to to lightener, color, or used by itself as a treatment.Things that seem too good to be true usually are, right? For months we continued to see amazing before and after results and reviews about this miracle product.When Christine decided she was ready to change her look after years of having dark purple hair to a lighter pastel color, we knew it would be a challenge and the perfect opportunity to put Olaplex to the test.

In the first session we lifted Christine’s hair using a strong lightener and Olaplex. The purple was gone but a residual fuchia color was left behind. A few days later we processed Christine’s again, this time with a mild lightener and Olaplex. The end result was a perfect platinum. All that was left to do was create and apply the perfect pastel purple. We created Christine’s look using Pravanna Vicids & Pastels, another notable product line currently trending online.

Olaplex truly impressed us, even after processing Christine’s hair twice it maintained its integrity and shine. I would highly recommend this upgrade service to anyone suffering from frizzy, dry, or damaged hair, or anyone wanting extra insurance during a dramatic change.

As for Pravanna, well, the jury is still out. Stay tuned!


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