Holiday Wish Cards



Garnish Holiday Wish Cards

Holiday shopping can be super challenging figuring out what the perfect gift to give is. It’s also equally difficult when you unwrap that one gift that you look at and wonder, “what were they thinking? What am I going to do with this?” Then, of course, you have to pretend to be excited and muster up a smile. Yikes! Remember the good ole’ days when you used to make your wish list to give to Santa? Oh, how we long for those days!

Well, not to worry! The team at Garnish has come up with a nifty way to help your loved ones know exactly what to get you this holiday season! We’ve created Garnish Holiday Wish Cards  so you can write down what you want and give it to your loved ones. Not only does this make their holiday shopping easier, but you get just what you were hoping for! And of course, one of the greatest gifts of all is gorgeous hair. Who wouldn’t want that?


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