Olaplex hair treatment



The Olaplex Hair Treatment – A True Miracle For Hair

Considered the “holy grail for hair” by stylists and clients around the world, Olaplex has become one of the most sought after hair treatments available. Olaplex has been a Garnish Salon favorite treatment product for a while now, but because Olaplex has gained so much more attention in beauty magazines and in the media, more of our clients are asking about it.  So, we thought we would share some helpful information with you so you can get all of the juicy details about Olaplex.

Olaplex is a treatment that stops color-related damage and heals existing damage from previous color sessions. All hair color products cause some form of stress, even if you’re not using a bleach, so anyone who gets their hair colored will benefit from Olaplex. The product comes in three forms; as a liquid that gets applied professionally as part of an in-salon treatment, as a mixer in salon hair dyes, and as a take-home product for use as a weekly mask.

At Garnish, we consider Olaplex as “insurance for your hair,” because the treatment helps keep your hair healthy and to maintain your hair color even longer. Ask your Garnish stylist about Olaplex, and be sure to let us know that you want an Olaplex treatment when booking your next salon appointment so that we can allow for the treatment time. Here are some great reviews from sites around the world touting the benefits of the Olaplex hair treatment. Check them out.


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