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Spotlight On: Restorative Hair Conditioning Treatments

Oh the glorious glow of healthy, soft, and shiny hair. It’s every woman’s dream to have hair that looks as if it were kissed by angels. Getting that angelic glowing hair isn’t as far of a reach as you might think. So what’s the secret? A deeply restorative hair conditioning treatment.

Restorative conditioning treatments provide you with smoother strands, less static, and fewer split ends. Hair is easier to style, looks healthier and more vibrant. Though your regular conditioner you use at home will undoubtedly help keep your hair healthy, a deep conditioning treatment is essential for long-term healthy hair. These intense treatments will not only put that “spring” and bounce back into your hair but will make your hair softer and more luxurious.

Why is deep conditioning so important? Whereas shampoo opens the hair’s cuticle, conditioner seals it back up—locking nutrients in and pollutants out. This in turn strengthens the hair shaft, preventing breakage, split ends, and even hair loss. Each of us takes on a barrage of damage to our hair everyday, from coloring, sun exposure, and the continual use of hair dryers, and hair irons, leaving hair dry, damaged, flat and frizzy. With regular deep conditioning treatments, specially formulated for your hair and scalp needs you will continuously see glorious results and healthier hair.

The Garnish Salon team has put together a list of our favorite, and most highly coveted in-salon and take home restorative conditioning solutions just for you. Ask your stylist which in-salon and take home treatments are best suited for your hair care needs.


The best place to start your hair transformation is right here in the salon. Your stylist can advise you on which conditioning treatment will offer you the best results depending on your hair type. Think of these treatments like a powerful instant injection of gorgeousness and strength for your hair!

NaturalTech by Davines – NaturalTech’s innovative conditioning solutions target hair and scalp problems through advanced scientific research, making use of natural ingredients and precious essential oils to guarantee safe, long-lasting, sustainable results. Here is our list of in-salon treatments we offer from NaturalTech:

  • Energizing Treatment – for hormonal hair loss
  • Energizing Treatment – for seasonal, stress and medically related hair loss
  • Nourishing Treatment – for extremely dry, damaged hair
  • Nourishing Treatment – for dry scalp and hair
  • Purifying Treatment – for all hair types
  • Rebalancing Treatment – for oily scalp
  • Detoxifying Treatment – for hair stressed by environmental factors
  • Calming Treatment – for sensitive scalp
  • Well-Being Treatment – massage for everybody

O&M Power Base
Hair MaskO&M’s Power Base Hair Mask in-salon treatment helps to rebuild and strengthen damaged hair. Its two-in-one treatment will add strength to hair but also leave it looking glossy and healthy. This treatment uses collagen as well as soy and silk proteins to rebuild hair, along with sweet almond oil to add gloss and shine. We also offer a multitude other amazing in-salon O&M conditioning treatments.

  • O&M Glass Shine – Infused with Argon and Macadamia oils to add super shine and protection.
  • O&M Brass Buster – Infused with Aloe Vera and Macadamia oils this treatment protects and nourishes hair caused by sun damage and also knocks out brassy tones caused by the sun.
  • O&M Miracle Repair – Infused with Argon and Macadamia, as well as sunflower and Jojoba seed oils, this treatment offers an intensive and deep repair to dry and thirsty hair.

– Olaplex is considered the miracle worker for anyone that gets their hair colored! This treatment stops color-related damage, and heals existing damage from previous color sessions. All hair color products cause some form of stress, even if you’re not using bleach, so anyone who gets their hair colored will benefit from Olaplex. The product comes in three forms; as a liquid that gets applied professionally as part of an in-salon treatment, as a mixer in salon hair color, and as a take-home product for use as a weekly mask.

Kevin Murphy Treat.Me – Kevin Murphy’s TREAT.ME products are intensive conditioning treatments packed with “Super Proteins” from vegetables and plants that penetrate easily into the hair shaft. TREAT.ME products strengthen and repair damaged hair often caused by heat styling and chemical services. TREAT.ME is full strength with a high concentration of active ingredients. TREAT.ME can be tailored to suit your hair’s individual needs and will make the surface of your hair more supple, elastic and smoother. Read more about the Kevin Murphy Treat.Me intensive conditioning treatments.


Kevin Murphy Repair–Me – The REPAIR-ME line is a three-part system that is excellent for chemically altered hair. The line uses naturally derived superfood proteins from green peas and fruit enzymes from papaya and pineapple that work to reconstruct, strengthen, and condition hair. The line consists of Repair-Me.Wash, Repair-Me.Rinse, and Re.Store. Learn more about the Kevin Murphy Repair–Me line here.

O&M Seven Day Miracle Moisture Masque – This hydrating hair treatment replenishes stressed and dry locks caused by coloring, sun exposure, hair dryers and hair irons can leave hair dry, damaged, flat and unruly. This miracle worker will transform your hair from damaged to divine. Infused with its unique blend of Australian native oils such as Argon, Jojoba, and Macadamia oils, as well as Aloe Vera and Vitamin E this product is truly a miracle!

Ask your stylist which in-salon and take home treatments are most suited for your hair care needs. Contact us today for your consultation and appointment.




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