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The Best in Bang Hair Styles for 2016

At some point in our lives we’ve all asked ourselves the question “should I get bangs?” Though bangs have never been out of style, we are seeing a renewed insurgence on the runways and streets in 2016 of the almighty bang! The face framing fringe, whether bold and blunt, super short and edgy, side-swept, or wispy can be a major hair game changer for any style or face shape. Bangs are great to drawn attention to the eyes and creating a more youthful look (bangs have long been touted to make women look younger).

When paired with the right face shape, bangs can help balance out your features, improve the look of your style, and give a little panache to the length of your hair if you’re hesitant to go shorter. Depending on your face shape and type of hair you have you have some super fun options to choose from. Here are some of the most popular bang styles this year that you can consider based on your particular face shape.

Round Shaped Faces:
Side-swept bangs are the way to go with a round face. Curly hair gals who want bangs should consider thicker bangs that hit just above the eyebrows.

Square Shaped Faces:
Side-swept set or blunt fringe are great for women with square shaped faces. For curly hair, heavier bangs are quit popular.

Oval Shaped Faces:
Women with oval face shapes tend to be the luckiest, because nearly every style of bangs will work. Long and blunt, thick, wispy, and side-swept are all great options.

Heart Shaped Faces:
Gals with the unique heart shaped face are most suited for swept to the side, thin, and wispy bangs. A set of blended fringe complemented by multiple layers can be very flattering indeed.

For ideas and inspiration on the latest looks and styles for bangs, hop over to our Pinterest “Bang, Bang” board and also take a look at our Style Gallery!

Talk to your stylist to determine the right look for your face, your lifestyle and hair type when considering bangs.

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