Davines Mask with Vibrachrom Color System Comes To Garnish

As a part of our ongoing effort to deliver the most superior products and services to our clients, I am excited to introduce you to Davines’s brand new amazing hair color collection … MASK WITH VIBRACHROM. The choice to make this investment as a salon to bring in this new technology allows us to stay up to date with the latest trends, but also ahead of the curve in the performance values of our color lines. This not just a color, but a brand new system that will change the traditional view of color. Mask with Vibrachrom is a permanent color line and is designed not to fade, but there are lots more reasons that this color collection is by far the best on the market. After extensive testing over a 2-year period on over 7,000 people of all ethnicities and hair types – Mask with Vibrachrom has proven to be the most innovative line of color to come along in years!

The Key Benefits of Mask with Vibrachrom:

  • Rich color palette
  • Vibrant colors
  • Longer lasting color
  • Uniform color penetration
  • High-conditioning
  • Extra shine
  • Increased coverage of gray hair
  • Fantastic lightening capacity
  • PPD free (paraphenylenediamine: a toxic contact allergen found in hair color that can result in dermatitis)
  • Naturally derived ingredient percentage increased from 81 to 86%.
  • New sustainable packaging
  • Less ammonia (as compared to other salon brands such as Redken, Rusk, Schwarzkopf Igora, and others.

What makes Mask with Vibrachrom so special are its three key ingredients:

Quinoa Protein Extract:

The protein extract of Quinoa increases the absorption of color and allows it to be retained for longer periods of time. It also offers better protection to hair since Quinoa is full of amino acids, which are free radical scavengers that minimize damage to hair.

Conditioning Agent Rich In Omega-9:
Davines uses Omega-9 as a conditioning agent. The rich, fatty acids nourish and smooth hair, while creating extra shine.

Phospholipid Carrier:
Phospholipid carriers allow for high penetration of the pigment into the hair. It breaks down the surface tension, distributing the pigment evenly.

Davines has made it their mission to bring the absolute best color line to the world, and Mask with Vibrachrom’s does just that! We also recommend using Davines’ Minu hair care line as your post-color treatment, at home products. Minu will help maintain the integrity of the hair as well as the color. Learn more about Minu here.

To learn more about Mask with Vibrachrom visit the Davines site. For more information and to schedule your hair color appointment contact us at 919-793-4008 or book online.

We look forward to making your next “Garnish Experience” amazing!

Candice Motley


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