For the Love of Curls

Stylist Niko Jones is our resident “Curly Girl” here at Garnish. We asked her to give us a little advice about embracing and styling curly hair, and here is what she had to say. Thanks so much Niko for sharing your secrets with us!

“Whenever I’m out and about sometimes people stop and ask me about my curly hair. If they have curly hair too they often ask me how I style my hair, how can they ease their frizz, what tools and products do I use – and so on. Then there are those who tell me they wish that their curls looked like mine. Little do they know, embracing your natural curl and rocking a curly style is obtainable! Being a curly girl is a blessing, but sometimes curls can be unruly or frizzy. Your curl pattern might have a mind of its own. With the right products and hair regimen, you can master your curls and wear them out and free too! Here is what I have found to be the best tips I can pass on to all you other curly girls out there!

Curl Training 101:
Sometimes something so simple can make all the difference in the world in controlling your curl. I always suggest that clients make an appointment for a one-hour styling lesson. We show you step by step the ideal way to style and manage your unique curls. Bring in your tools and go-to supplies and let us coach you through the process. This will allow you to feel much more confident styling your hair at home and get the results you want!

Power Curl Products:
Using moisturizing products that are specially created for curly hair can make a WORLD of difference when it comes to having beautiful and bouncy hair. I love Kevin Murphy’s line of products specially formulated for curly hair. The Luxury.Wash, and Luxury.Rinse are specifically suited for the needs of thick, coarse hair. These products make your hair suppler, and they improve the flexibility of hair that is naturally coarse. As for styling, I love Killer.Curls, a leave-in anti-frizz curl defining crème, formulated for medium to coarse Curlies. I also like Smooth. Again, which is perfect for all hair types and contains anti-frizz and heat protection.

It’s the perfect product for a curly girl who wears her hair both curly and straight. For my soft and wavy curls, I love Davines’ curl line, LOVE. They have an amazing shampoo and conditioner that moisturizes but doesn’t weigh down your curls. LOVE Curl Cream is an awesome product to help define soft curls and leave them bouncy and light. And for all Curlies of all textures, I always recommend Original Mineral’s Seven Day Miracle deep conditioning treatment. It is imperative that we feed our curls moisture. Adding a deep conditioning treatment to your weekly regimen will make a huge difference in the shine and health of your curls.

A few other essential tools I always recommend are the Kevin Murphy Texture.Comb and a diffuser. The TEXTURE.COMB is specially designed to keep texture and movement in your hair but also give it control. Huge tip for Curlies is to comb your hair while wet to preserve your curl pattern. The Diffuser is an attachment for your blow dryer that helps control frizz and flyways on your hair while drying. Very useful for curls in the winter. And last but certainly not least, Olaplex. Olaplex treatments are game changers for natural Curlies. It is a multipurpose treatment that helps to repair and restore your hair. Olaplaex is a 30-minute service that will give your curls life!

Cursed Curl Cure: 
One of my favorite curly hair tamers is The GK Keratin Treatment because it manages all different types of curls. The GK Keratin Treatment is like a mini-makeover for your hair! The treatment will smooth the hair’s surface, reduce frizz, and restore strength and elasticity while giving your hair a more youthful, healthy appearance. Depending on your consultation and your desired result, we can use the GK treatment to soften your curl pattern or tame it.

Curl Envious Girls:
For all of your friends who have “curl envy” that say the wish they had curly hair just like yours, now they can! Garnish Hair Studio offers body waves. Set up an appointment and come in for a consultation and let us create a wave pattern customized just for you. We can deliver super curly locks to a light beachy wave.

Also, stay tuned for some exciting news about a new solution for those of you with curl envy that’s coming to Garnish very soon! Shhhh.

So, no matter what your curl situation may be, Garnish Hair Studio is here to help you. If you struggle from frizziness, lack of curl pattern, or you just don’t know what to do with your curls contact us. Set up a consultation and together we can choose which treatment will best fit you and your desired curls.

Hope to see you soon!”

Niko 🙂




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