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2017 Hair Trends

New Year, New You. Resolutions. Goals. January has become a month dedicated to recommitting to your dreams and we think that’s pretty awesome.  While you should be focusing on meeting your goals and accomplishing your dreams year round, real life sometimes distracts us, and we need the world shouting at us from every angle once a year to really sit down and evaluate what changes we want to achieve. The sister side of January resolutions is trying new things and that means paying attention to the newest and upcoming trends for the year.

We pretty much LOVE keeping an eye out for hair trends (and fashion and makeup trends, too) so we have compiled a list of our favorite up and coming cuts, colors, and styles for 2017.

2017 Hair Trends

The Tousled Lob

The tousled or textured lob (sometimes also known as the “Cool Girl Lob”) has been around for a year or so, but it is definitely still relevant for 2017.  We love this cut because it’s the perfect in between when you don’t want the maintenance of long hair and aren’t quite up for short hair. The style is fairly easy to achieve with loose flat iron curls or a curling wand, and works well for multiple hair textures and weights.  Lived in hair being trendy is the coolest for those of us who only want to take the time to style our hair every few days or who live busy lives (moms & career gals, I’m looking at you).

The Pixie Cut

Pixies never really go out of style, but this year we really see more people going for the big chop and showing off their gorgeous features with a stylized pixie.  Perhaps the easiest cut to maintain, pixies are so fun and sassy, and can be styled in versatile ways from elegant chic to messy and fun. Pixies are ageless and timeless and are such a fun way to try something bold with your hair.

Mermaid Waves

If you’ve been on Pinterest or Instagram lately, mermaid waves is the epitome of dream hair as evidenced by countless celebrities sporting long luscious wavy locks. This trend will definitely continue into 2017, and we LOVE achieving this look with our guests. If growing out your hair is a challenge, or you’re a long ways away, our transformation specialty: extensions, comes into play here. Whether it’s your natural hair or newly added locks, the perfect mermaid wave can be achieved with a curling iron and wide-tooth comb—combed out curls make for beautiful waves!

Eye Grazing Bangs

Fringe trends evolve just like other hairstyles, as evidenced by the variety of different ways to wear your bangs.  From straight across, to side-swept, baby bangs to a shaggy fringe, bangs can completely change your look without drastically altering the rest of your hairstyle.  This year we think you’re going to see a lot more soft, piecey eye-grazing bangs.  Somewhat straight across, but can also be swept a little to the side or worn parted like the shag cut, eye-grazing bangs can add versatility and fun without quite as huge of a commitment as say, baby bangs, might require. The coolest thing about this length of bangs is that they blend well with a short cut or long layers, and are long enough to be pinned or braided back if need-be.

Face-framing Balayage

We all know balayage is the hair trend that’s more of a permanent staple in the hair world, though the various looks and applications keep the result of balayage ever changing. Recently, we have been seeing a lot of focus on face-framing balayage. Whereas a full balayage means there is painted hair throughout the entirety of your hair, face-framing balayage focuses on brighter pieces beside your face, with some additional pieces for blending. Face-framing balayage is designed to accentuate your facial features and add visual interest in the most visible pieces of your hair.  Like the eye-grazing bangs, face-framing balayage is extremely versatile and can be used to transform hair from pixie-length to mermaid-length. AKA face-framing balayage could definitely work for you no matter what your current hair situation might be.

Layers that Enhance Natural Texture

Layers are a staple in the hair world, adding movement and removing weight from hair. They can be used on hair long or short, straight or curly, and to achieve a variety of looks. Our favorite type of layers ATM are layers that work to enhance natural hair movement and texture. Curly girls, and wavy-haired babes know the struggle of finding a cut that really works FOR their hair, not against it. Shaping is EVERYTHING for textured hair, and layers can definitely create a gorgeous shape in natural curls or waves.

If you’re ready to make some changes in 2017, start out with our #hairgoals worksheet, and then let your stylist know which of these trends you want to try next!

The best thing about hair is its versatility and the ability to JUST HAVE FUN WITH IT!


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