New Year, New You - The Goals Remix



New Year, New You – The Goals Remix

Happy New Year!

New Year, New You – The Goals Remix

The holiday season has the tendency to come and go in a blur of wrapping paper, sugar, and holiday spreads. It all begins with Halloween, which starts the quickest series of back to back events all year. These events usually end in a little bit of gluttony and a lot of guilt about starting the new year off right.  This year, we at Garnish have designed a solution to the New Year struggle that will keep you motivated to achieve your goals past the third week of January. We created New Year, New You – Goals Remix to motivate you to be the best you that you can be in 2017.

In the past, Garnish has sponsored one lucky winner to be the recipient of the New Year, New You transformation prize that included a styling transformation by owner and master stylist, Candice Motley, as well as custom makeup, wardrobe styling and a photo session. Check out our 2016 and 2015 winners.

This year we wanted to find a way to make our New Year’s prize accessible to all of our guests {and readers too} so we began to brainstorm and came up with New Year, New You – The Goals Remix!

Setting + Achieving + Making More Goals

New Year, New You – The Goals Remix makes goal setting a priority. Using this planning strategy is one of the biggest reasons Garnish is even on the map today. Taking the time to plan out where you are going, being deliberate with your intention, and mapping out how you will get there focuses your energy to facilitate success. We want you to have your best year ever, so we developed a way to share our techniques with you to help you reach your goals as well.

This is how the goal setting worksheet works:

  1. Create your life vision & brainstorm according to where you want to be in 1, 5, and 10 years.
  2. For each category, make sure to include any and all details that you can possibly think of.
  3. These goals are your action steps. Write them down in present tense as if they have already happened (ex: I will own my business in 2019)
  4. Write it down, make it happen. Manifest Destiny!
  5. The sky is the limit!


Click here to download the #GarnishGoals Worksheet



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