#HAIRGOALS with Garnish Studio



Achieve your #HAIRGOALS with Garnish

Achieve your #hairgoals with Garnish

Achieve your #hairgoals with Garnish

You may have heard the saying, “Invest in your hair—it’s the accessory you wear every day.”  And you’ve probably experienced that powerful feeling of “I can take on the world” when you’re having that better than ever kickass hair day. So what happens if it’s a crucial part of your daily look and can change your entire attitude? It only makes sense to invest in making your #hairgoals a reality.

Here at Garnish we specialize in transformations. Transformations, to us, encompass all the wonderful things! It can be as simple as the perfect haircut to enhance your face shape and revamp your style, or complete makeovers involving coloring, extensions, and more.

Have you ever seen a celeb on t.v. or in a magazine and thought, “Oh my gawd I love her hair”? What about the person you passed in the grocery store and thought, “Her hair looks amazing”? Then you already have #hairgoals whether you knew it or not.

Our focus in 2017 is to help you discover your #hairgoals, and then set you on the path to achieving said hair dreams.  To facilitate this focus, the Garnish team developed a cool new tool to break it down and make it super easy to reflect on and detail your goals.  You will be able to download this fun and fast #hairgoals form and bring it in to share with your stylist or you can ask the front desk team for a copy when you arrive for your visit.

#hairgoals can encompass cut, color, length, style, and texture.  Some of our most common transformational services include extensions, which come in a variety of methods to address varying hair needs—color services, including color corrections, balayage, blonding, and creative coloring—and treatments, such as our GK Keratin Smoothing Treatments, American Wave, and relaxers.  Our artists also focus on providing you with the knowledge and ability to care for your hair at home (a vital part of making #hairgoals a reality), along with empowering you to be able to recreate the style component of your #hairgoals yourself.  This includes prescribing the products that will best address your hair needs, along with educating you on the steps to take to achieve your ideal style.

January is always a month of reflecting on what you hope to achieve in the next year.  Make your #hairgoals a priority and allow Garnish to help you become the best version of you in 2017.

Download Your #hairgoals sheet today by clicking here!


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